User vs Profile

  • Overview

    In Jamroom, there is the concept of Users and Profiles. The User is the person who uploads stuff to a profile.

    When you created your account on a jamroom site, you got both a Profile and a User account.

    The Profile is where your uploaded media and items go, its your public facing section.
    The User is your connection information like your email address, your name and password.

    When you write comments, its the User who writes comments. When you buy things, its the User who buys things.

    You get an image for each.
  • Upload a User image

    When you setup your profile in the earlier section you uploaded a Profile image that shows on your profile.

    Now we're going to upload a different image for our User Account. (some sites will automatically make your Profile image your User image until you upload a different one)

    Under your User Menu ( the one with your name on it ) you will find a menu item for "Account Settings", click on that.
  • screenshot of the Account Settings tab on the user menu
  • Account Settings

    On your Account Settings tab, you will find your email address along with the rest of the info you added at signup time.

    Click on the 'Upload a New Image' button to add your User Image that will show when you add things to your timeline, or when you comment in the forums or on other Profiles.
  • screenshot of the Account Settings tab
  • New User Image Showing

    New User Image Showing
    Screenshot of your profile landing page with the user image highlighted
  • Now when you add things to your timeline you will see your user image showing.
  • It is possible for the admin user to connect more than one user to a single profile. If this is done the user image in the timeline will show which user uploaded which items to the communal profile.