Self Hosted Packages

  • Self Hosted Packages Overview

    The term Self Hosted Package refers to which server your Jamroom is going to be installed on.

    Since Jamroom is a script that is accessed over the internet it needs to be installed on a server that can be accessed over the internet.

    If you already have a hosting company prepared then Self Hosted Packages is what you're after.

    This option allows you to download the source code of Jamroom, then upload it to your server and run it from there.

    The alternative is Jamroom Hosting where you choose to use one of our servers that has been set up to run Jamroom in the most efficient way possible.
  • Self Hosted Package Options

    Jamroom has a number of install options available even for self hosted. With Self Hosted, you already have your own server, so you only need the modules from us.

    The options available relate to which modules you require.

    There are 2 types of Module/Skin license in the Jamroom eco-system. The first is the MPL license which is free to install and use on any number of sites that you like.

    If all you are going to be using is the MPL licensed modules then you can install the Open Source version of Jamroom CMS and your done.

    The second license type for Modules/Skins is the JCL license. Modules and Skins that use this license require payment for each site that you use them on. This is a one time payment per site. Modules that use this license are called Premium modules.
  • MPL License

    The acronym MPL stands for Mozilla Public License and is a type of Open Source license that grants the user freedom to use and re-distribute the code that they receive.

    Modules that use this license are free to download from the Jamroom Marketplace and can be installed on as many sites as you like without payment.
  • screenshot of an MPL licensed module in the marketplace
  • JCL License

    The acronym JCL stands for Jamroom Commercial License and is used by module and skin developers who want to sell their license in the Jamroom Marketplace.

    Modules using this license are pay-per-site. If you have purchased a license for one site, then you setup another site, you must pay for the module for that site too if you want to use it.
  • screenshot of a JCL licensed module available for purchase in the marketplace
  • A la carte VS Package

    The options you have when deciding to setup a Self Hosted Package are either

    * A la carte
    * Package

    If your preference is use only open source modules and maybe add an additional premium module, then you can purchase that module 'A la cart', just the module at its set price, from the menu.

    However if you plan to use many modules you can purchase a Premium License which allows you the same freedom users of Jamroom Hosting have, which is full access to all premium modules and skins.

    A Premium or Professional license allows you to receive all premium modules that currently exist or will be developed in the future by The Jamroom Network team.

    Choose your Self Hosted Package here:
  • Jamroom Hosted is our recommended solution. When you choose to get your hosting from us, then you get all the Premium modules included for as many sites as you would like to make.

    Docs: "SSD Hosting Plans"