SSD Hosting Plans

  • SSD Hosting Plans

    The Jamroom CMS script runs on a web server. So either you already have your own web server, or you need one.

    Not all Hosting companies are equal. Some make claims of 'unlimited everything' for a very low price and seem appealing, but unless you understand the catch you'll probably get less than you're expecting.

    Jamroom offers an option here, its Jamroom Hosting. On our menu, it reads "SSD Hosting Plans", here's some explanation.
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  • Types of Hosting

    There are many variants of hosting available, usually the super cheap hosting is called 'Shared Hosting' where the hosting provider gives your site space on one of their servers and you share resources with every other site on that server.

    The catch here is you don't know who the other sites are or how much of the shared resources they are using.

    On Shared Hosting all of the server settings are fixed, you cant make any changes to make your site run better.


    Another common option is VPS which stands for Virtual Private Server. This is generally considered one step above a Shared server because you CAN make changes to the server settings to make your site run better. It sections off part of a server and resources and makes them available just for your site to use. Its still shared, but your site is less likely to be effected by other sites on the server as much.

    Then there is Dedicated Hosting where your site gets a server all to itself. There are no other sites on the server to suck resources away from your site. This is the best type of hosting.

    Jamroom Hosting only offers Dedicated Hosting solutions.
  • Comparing Jamroom Hosting to other options

    When you want to make an informed comparison you need to know the key factors of each in order to do that.

    On our Jamroom Hosting plan selection page we outline the details of each plan so that you can compare it to whatever else you are considering.
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  • Processor Cores

    The Server CPU (Processor) Cores is the number of processors in the server.

    The higher the number of processors, the larger load the server can handle. This is important for when your site starts getting a large number of visitors, or when lots of media is being uploaded that needs converting.
  • Memory

    The Server Memory (RAM) is amount of memory (in Gigabytes) that the server has.
    The higher the amount of memory, the more simultaneous users can be on your site at one time.
  • SSD Disk Space

    The Server SSD Disk Space is the amount of Disk Space (in Gigabytes) on the server.

    All Jamroom Hosted servers use premium enterprise grade SSD (Solid State Disks) - these can be up to 100 times faster than older hard drives.

    When comparing hosting, if it doesn't say SSD, then it isn't, SSD is the premium option which costs more but is much better.
  • Network Bandwidth

    This is the amount of dedicated bandwidth (in megabits or gigabits per second) available to the server.

    The higher the bandwidth the more simultaneous users can be on your site at the same time. If your site streams media (audio, video) higher bandwidth is better.

    Bandwidth refers to the volume of data that can be sent at one time through a computer network.

    Bandwidth can either be shared or dedicated. Shared bandwidth means that a specific segment of bandwidth is spread among numerous users.
  • Unlimited Network Transfer

    All Jamroom Servers have unlimited network transfer.

    The total amount of data that can be transferred from your server is only limited by the Server Network Bandwidth.

    So Network Bandwidth tells you how much information can be transferred per second and Unlimited Network Transfer tells you that you can keep doing that much 24/7.
  • VIP Support

    Included in the Jamroom Hosting is VIP Ticket Support which offers Jamroom Hosted Subscribers access to dedicated 24 hour priority ticket support.

    VIP Support can be used in place of the Forums to get answers to your questions related to installing and using Jamroom. It allows you a private option if your information is sensitive.
  • Premium Features

    The Premium Features are any modules or skins created by The Jamroom Network.

    Included in Jamroom Hosting is all the befits that Premium or Professional package purchasers get, with the addition of being able to use that on as many of their sites as they would like.
  • Free SSL Cert

    In order to make your site secure, you need an SSL Cert. SSL stands for Secure Socket Layer and is required if you want to make your site use https:// instead of just http://.

    Usually you get an SSL Cert from a Signing Authority who charge you a vast range of prices for various levels of certificates. With Jamroom Hosting you can have an SSL Cert attached to your site for free.

  • Media Conversion Servers

    Included with Jamroom Hosting is a service that you will not find anywhere else, Media Conversion Servers.

    Every site running on Jamroom Hosting is connected to our dedicated media conversion servers. What this means is any audio or video files that get uploaded to your site will be passed off to a different server for processing.
    In the normal flow of things, a user uploads a video file to your site, maybe its a .wav file (or other type). In order for that video to play on all devices that exist, it needs to be converted into multiple formats. Some devices use Flash video, some use MP4, and mobiles like M4V, so those file types need to exist.

    On any other hosting, the same server that delivers your website to visitors will be the one doing the processing of those video conversions. On Jamroom Hosting its a separate server.

    The video file is passed to the Media Conversion Server when it is uploaded and the converted files are returned when they have finished processing.

    This has the massive advantage of leaving 100% of the processing power of your server available to just deliver your website to your visitors. The result is your server can grow much bigger with the available resources it has than would otherwise be possible.