DB and System Backup

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  • Overview

    The DB and System Backup module backs up your Database, modules, skins and Profile Media on a daily basis to Amazon S3.

    Requires system() access to mysqldump to work properly, as well as a working Amazon Web Services account:


    The DB and System Backup module uses Reduced Redundancy storage on S3 to lessen backup storage costs.

    the DB backups are on a 7 day rotation, so after a week there will always be 7 copies of the database tables.

    For the data, if the file already exists on S3 and has not been changed in JR, it is not copied back up. The data backup is not "rotated".
  • Q&A

    Q: Is there a pruning feature of any sort?
    A: There is no pruning of media files at this time - the DB files are pruned though and only the most recent 7 days are kept. Part of the issue of pruning media is that it (could) require a lot of queries into the local system and S3 to try to find all the matching media files that are no longer in the system, which on a large system could take a VERY long time. - See more at: https://www.jamroom.net/the-jamroom-network/networkmarket/22/db-and-system-backup

    Q: Is there an email notification feature that will email you on backup completion, failure, success?
    A: Email on success/failure is a good idea. Right now everything is logged to the activity log, so you can use the Activity Log Watch module to trigger an email on a success or failure.

    Q: what if your previous backup is bad/corrupt? You would need to backup to a different one?
    A: restore from a specific date would work for the DB, not for media files (but probably still worth it).
13 Jan 2016 05:42:02AM @researchcooperative:

At Amazon Web Services (AWS), the advice for setting up a S3 storage bucket is to set up separate users with their own credentials (keys) so that the owners' primary credentials don't have to be released to other people or to Aps that use the storage device.

At my AWS account, I created a User called dbBackup in a Group called jrRobot. This group has an AWS Administrator policy assigned, which I hoped would give the dbBackup user the user rights it needs to run the backup from jamroom.

When I put the AWS access and secret keys for this user into the dbBackup module settings on my Jamroom site (publishscience.net), an error message appeared:

"Invalid AWS setting - unable to store test file to S3/psnbackup"

Where did I go wrong?

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