• Overview

    The Forum module allows each profile to have their own forum on their profile.

    If a topic is placed on one users profile then that will only display on that users profile by default.

    It is not a site wide system for a single forum for the site. The module provides a forum each for every profile.
  • screenshot of the list of forum topics on a members profile
  • Screencast (YouTube)

    screencast video overview of what the forum module is for.
  • screenshot of the quota settings area for the jrForum module in the ACP
  • screenshot of a single open forum topic on a members profile
  • Lock or Pin a Forum Topic

    When you want to lock a forum topic so that no other posts can be made to it, or you want to pin it to the top of the list of forum topics, you can. Click on the first post in the thread to expose the options available to you as the forum administrator, you will see:
  • screenshot of the locked and pinned options for a forum topic
  • RSS Feed

    If you have the jrFeed ( RSS Feed and Reader ) module installed you can get a feed of all forum topics from the url:

    If you want just the new topics on a particular profile, put that profiles url at the end

    Or which ever profile houses the forum you're interested in and you will get just the new topics from that profile.
  • For Developers

    Some examples of jrCore_list.

    If you wanted to get all the titles of the forum threads from a specific profile and display them somewhere on your site you can use this format.

    The below example gets the titles of each of the threads from profile 1 that are in the forum category 'red'. (adjust the parameters to fit your requirements)
    {jrCore_list module="jrForum" search="profile_id = 1" search2="forum_cat = red"}
  • If you wanted to get all the category titles, but not the posts, then use 'like %' to just get the titles. Only the title posts have the forum_cat key set
    {jrCore_list module="jrForum" search="profile_id = 1" search2="forum_cat like %"}
  • For Developers: using Database Admin

    If you want to know what keys you have available to you, use the Database Admin tool found at:

    and navigate to the jr_jrforum_item_key table.
  • screenshot of the keys and values in the Forum modules datastore
  • Just get the categories

    If you want just the categories, they are stored in a separate table in the datastore. You could write your own smarty function to go and retrieve those categories which would be kinder on the database and recommended if your system is large.
    Or you could run a search over the existing forum entries and pluck out the categories from the existing posts. That way is simpler, so is shown below.

    {capture assign="template"}
        {if isset($_items)}
            {foreach $_items as $item}
    {jrCore_list module="jrForum" search="_profile_id = 1" search2="forum_cat like %" template=$template group_by="forum_cat UNIQUE"}