• Overview

    The Followers module is a core component of the Jamroom core.

    The Followers module allows Users to follow Profiles they are interested in.

    When a user follows a profile they are interested in and that profile writes to their Timeline, then that timeline post will also appear in the timeline feed of the followers home profile.
  • To Follow Someone

    If you want to follow someone, while logged in visit the profile you are interested in and click on the FOLLOW button.
  • screenshot of the follow button on a profile
  • Followers new posts appear in your timeline

    Once you are following a profile, new timeline activity from profiles you follow will appear in your profiles timeline (visible ONLY to you).
  • screenshot of post to timeline by profiles I follow
  • When I ('michael') look at my own timeline, I will see the updates by all of the profiles I follow, but when someone else looks at my profile, they will only see the updates made by 'michael'.
  • Usage

    Use the Follow system to connect with other profiles that you want to stay up to date with.

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    The Follow system is based on the