• Overview

    The Followers module is a core component of the Jamroom core.

    The Followers module allows Users to follow Profiles they are interested in.

    When a user follows a profile they are interested in and that profile writes to their Timeline, then that timeline post will also appear in the timeline feed of the followers home profile.
  • To Follow Someone

    If you want to follow someone, while logged in visit the profile you are interested in and click on the FOLLOW button.
  • screenshot of the follow button on a profile
  • Followers new posts appear in your timeline

    Once you are following a profile, new timeline activity from profiles you follow will appear in your profiles timeline (visible ONLY to you).
  • screenshot of post to timeline by profiles I follow
  • When I ('michael') look at my own timeline, I will see the updates by all of the profiles I follow, but when someone else looks at my profile, they will only see the updates made by 'michael'.
  • Usage

    Use the Follow system to connect with other profiles that you want to stay up to date with.

    If the
    The Follow system is based on the
11 May 2016 02:32:14PM @iamtimbo:
Could you clarify the latest update (1.4.5) for me? Does it mean shared (as in via ShareThis or OneAll), or just the act of posting a photo, etc? And which timelines does it now appear in that it didn't before?
11 May 2016 02:40:21PM @brian:
This update is only related to the Timeline module - it does not affect ShareThis or OneAll. The change in version 1.4.5 can best be described with an example:

- you are a follower of my profile
- I post a status update on my timeline
- you SHARE that timeline post with YOUR followers
- I will now see that you shared my post with your followers in MY timeline

Previous to 1.4.5 entries that were shared by followers did not appear in your timeline.

Let me know if that helps.