Email Newsletters

  • What is the Newsletter Module?

    The Newsletter Module makes it easy to send out an email newsletter to your users, or selected groups of users.

    The Newsletter module can be found in the Admin Control Panel (ACP):

    ACP -> Communication -> Newsletters
  • screenshot of the create a newsletter button in the ACP
  • Creating a new Newsletter

    To create a new newsletter, click the "Tools" tab in the Newsletter module, and then click on "Create Newsletter".

    Enter a title for the Newsletter, and then enter the content of the Newsletter. Note that the Newsletter can be an HTML Newsletter - design the newsletter to suit the style you want.
  • The Email Support module provides newsletter stats and tracking, so make sure and use a unique newsletter title for each newsletter you send out - this ensures any unsubscribes or bounces that come in when sending a newsletter show in the correct newsletter stats!
  • screenshot of the interface to compose a new email newsletter
  • Select Recipients

    The Select Recipients option allows you to select the users that are going to receive a copy of the newsletter. You can:

    - Send a TEST email to just yourself (helpful when creating the newsletter)
    - Send to a single Quota or multiple Quotas (hold down control and click to select more than 1 entry)
    - Send to special "Recipient Groups" that are provided by other modules - these groups can target users based on different criteria.
  • Ignore Preferences

    If this option is checked, the newsletter will be sent to the selected users regardless of the user's newsletter's preferences. In other words, if a user has unsubscribed from receiving a newsletter, then checking this option will ignore their setting and send it anyway.
  • Ignoring User Preferences is a bad idea - only use this in specific situations where you absolutely must contact everyone in your system!
  • Saving as a Draft

    If you would like to save the newsletter as a new Draft, click the "Save Draft" button in the header - this will save the newsletter so that you can return to it at a later time.
  • Saving as a Template

    If you would like to save your newsletter as a new template click the "Save as Template" button in the header. This will prompt you to enter a Template Name - enter the template name and your new template will be created.

    Once a template has been created it can be used as the base for new newsletters.
  • Custom Filter

    Q: i am trying to add a custom filter that will send out emails to only address that end with, what do i need to enter.

    A: Filters were added in Newsletters 2.1.0 :)

    Custom filter for gmail users
    user_email like

    Custom filter for users logged in since Mon, 03 Apr 2017
    ( the number is a timestamp, you can use this converter to get it from a date )
    user_last_login > 1491246055
    The means to filter by user created and updated fields added Fri, 23 March 2018
    _created <= 1491246055
    _updated > 1491246055