• Overview

    The Playlist module allows the playlists to be constructed of audio items that others have included on their profile.

    Any user who has access to the Playlist module via the quota system can include any audio file they find into their own playlist.
    That playlist will then be displayed on their own profile.

    This allows for audio items to be arranged in various orders as determined by the users of your site.
  • Import and Share in many Configurations

    Since JR5 is able to import songs from soundcloud, youtube, vimeo and many other content networks, the playlist can make a great way to tie all that content together.

    One user imports a bunch of songs from youtube to display on their profile. That content can then be used by other users to include in their own playlists.

    This makes it possible for a community of music lovers to get together and create a music site around music they love without actually having the bands present on the site.

    Where JR4 tended to be a community of bands, JR5 can be a community of fans.
  • Using the Playlist functionality

    video overview of how the playlist module can be used to generate a playlist
  • For Developers

    If you want to add the add to playlist button to an item list use the template function below
    {jrCore_module_function function="jrPlaylist_button" playlist_for="jrAudio" item_id=$item._item_id title="Add To Playlist"}