Strong Password

Table of Contents:

How it Works
  • Overview

    The Strong Password module allows the admin user to force new signups to have more complex passwords.

    If you cringe at the thought of your users using a password like '1234' or 'password' and want to force them to have one that looks more like this 'aH1vE%T-NxP' then this is the module for you.

    You set the minimum allowed defaults for usable passwords.
  • How it Works

    How it Works
    screenshot of the config section for the Strong Passwords module
  • In the ACP the admin user selects the minimum requirements that passwords must meet in order to be used on the site.

    Then when a user tries to choose a password, if it doesn't meet these requirements they are shown a message telling them what they need to add in order to satisfy the requirements. Once they have chosen a secure enough password they can then proceed.