Profile Blog

  • Overview

    The Profile Blog module allows every one of your users to have their own blog.

    The Profile Blog module puts a blog tab on the users profile if allowed by the quota.
  • screenshot of the blog posts list highlighted on a profile
  • Usage

    The profile owners can add blog posts to their profile as often as they like.

    The blog posts will be displayed on their profile and also on the list of all blogs in the system or any other list made by {jrCore_list} or by the Site Builder system.
  • Editing a blog post

    When creating or editing a blog post you have the standard options of adding a date, time, title along with a text editor that allows you to upload images and embed content into the post to make a content rich item for display.

    A useful module to also have installed that complements the Profile Blog module is the Editor Embedded Media module as it allows a greater range of content to be included in the blog post.
  • screenshot of the default form for updating a blog post
  • Expanding with the Form Designer

    If the default create/update form is lacking something that you desire to give to your users, you can use the Form Designer to add extra fields and greatly customize how blog posts work.