Simple Custom Forms

  • Overview

    The Simple Custom Forms module allows the admin user a convenient way to create a form. The fields of the simple form can then be expanded using the Form Designer into more complicated forms
  • screenshot from the TOOLS tab on the Simple Custom Forms module
  • Creating a New Form

    Using the Create a Custom Form tool, you can add a new form.

    Choose the initial options you want to create the form. You can choose to have every submitted form emailed to the admin users, or stored in the database. The form to be accessible only to logged in users, or accessible to everyone. Have the form submission limited to one time, or have no restriction on the number of times users can fill in the form.

    The choice is yours.
  • screenshot of a new custom form
  • Once you hit Create Form you will end up at the Form Designer page to allow you to add some extra fields to the form.
  • Adding more fields to the form

    After the form is created, if you want to add more fields to the form via the Form Designer, you can access this section by going to

    Then click on the 'Name' of the form to view the form in its location, from there you can click on the Form Designer button to get back to the Form Designer.
  • screenshot of the Form Designer button on the custom form