Batch Item Editor

Table of Contents:

How It Works
Batch Delete
  • Overview

    The Batch Item Editor allows the master admin user to edit many datastore items in a single go.

    This is useful if you need to make a lot of changes and don't fancy the idea of editing each item individually from its update screen.
  • How It Works

    When you enable the module in the ACP there appears to be no content to the module itself other than just the INFO tab where the module was activated.
  • screenshot of the INFO tab of the Batch Items Editor module
  • What the module does, is add a button to the TOOLS tab of all other modules that have a datastore. This is most modules, eg: the audio module, the video module, the gallery module, the blog module, the pages module, youtube, vimeo, soundcloud...... all use datastores.

    So if we look at the Audio module:
  • screenshot of the TOOLS tab of the Audio module showing the Batch Item Editor tool.
  • We can select the keys that are stored in the datastore that we're interested in updating and edit them in one go.

    It makes it easier if you just select the keys you want because then you can use tab to navigate to the next one making editing faster. If you select all the keys you can update all the values, but if you don't plan on editing a value, navigation is easier if its not there.
  • screenshot of the Batch Item Editor with a single key selected
  • With the key selected, you will then be shown all the values that exist in the datastore for that key.

    If you're desire was to alter every audio file who's genre was rock to change it to hard rock, the Batch Item Editor is perfect for this task.
  • screenshot of the batch item editor with the "Rock" genre audio items highlighted
  • Batch Delete

    The Batch Item Editor also has the ability to delete items. If your desire was to delete all audio files which were in the rock category, you can check the checkbox next to those items and the entire item will be deleted.

    AGAIN: The delete button will delete the whole item associated with that entry, not just the visible key.
  • screenshot of the Batch Item Editor with the delete checkbox highlighted