Change Item Owner

Table of Contents:

How it works
  • Overview

    The Change Item Owner module allows the admin user to re-assign a created item to a different profile.

    Since Jamroom is very profile centric, whichever profile the item was created on becomes the main display location for that item with all links to it pointing there.

    There may be cases where you want to move an item from one profile to another one, this is the module for that.
  • How it works

    When you enable the module in the ACP there appears to be no content to the module itself other than just the INFO tab where the module was activated.
  • screenshot of the INFO tab of the Change Items Owner module
  • What the module does, is add a button to the TOOLS tab of all other modules that have a datastore. This is most modules, eg: the audio module, the video module, the gallery module, the blog module, the pages module, youtube, vimeo, soundcloud...... all use datastores.

    So if we look at the Audio module:
  • screenshot of the TOOLS tab of the Audio module showing the Change Item Owner tool
  • Start typing the title of the item you want to change and a list of similar titles will appear to allow you to select the one you want to change.

    In the following text box, start typing the name of the profile you want to move that item too and you will again be presented with a list of options to choose from.
  • screenshot of the audio file on the [admin] profile ready to be moved to the [one] profile