Kickbox Email Validation

  • overview

    The Kickbox Email Validation module uses the Kickbox API to validate email addresses and whether or not they can be delivered to. If you have imported a large number of User Accounts to your Jamroom, this module can validate their email addresses and ensure they are still active.
  • Why use Kickbox email validation?

    This module is useful if you have imported a large number of users to your site from an existing site - for example - importing a large Ning2 site to a Jamroom site.

    The Kickbox module will "validate" email addresses by actually checking if the email address is "alive and accepting email".

    We know that Ning does not provide any type of indication for email addresses that are no longer valid. So after an import to a new Jamroom site a large percentage of the emails registered in your system may no longer work. We want to avoid sending email to the invalid email addresses since it can get your site marked as a "spam" site.

    For some cases just relying on Mailgun to do the filtering, this has led to accounts being suspended for a short period of time (since sending email to a large number of "bad" addresses is a common indication of a spammer).

    The Kickbox module will validate email addresses on a daily basis - any email addresses that fail validation will be automatically "unsubscribed" from all system email.

    You have the option to move the user to a different quota as if you like.

    A Kickbox account is required, and is free - you can validate up to 100 email addresses to try it out, after that you pay about $5 per 500 addresses (last time we checked) - more if you're willing to pay for more:
  • screenshot of the Global Config settings tab of the Kickbox module
  • screenshot showing that you can move the unsubscribed emails to any quota that exists
  • Screenshot of the interface

    Screenshot of the interface
    screenshot of the dashboard on where you need an account
  • Configure the module with the Kickbox API Key

    To correctly configure the module after it has been installed in your Jamroom, you need to go to the control panel interface and retrieve the API Key.

    Copy the API Key from and paste it in to your module at:


    and save the changes.

    Now going forward email addresses in your system will be automatically checked every day during the
  • Activity Log Messages

    When Kickbox runs it will log it's activity to the Activity Log found at:


    If it finds an email address that is no longer valid, it will unsubscribe the user (by setting the user_notifications_disabled key to "on") and leave a message in the Activity Log like:

    Quote: failed Kickbox validation - unsubscribed user

    It will also log a single message to the Activity Log with the number of email addresses that were successfully checked.

    [system] kickbox validation of 38 email addresses complete
16 Oct 2016 06:07:19AM @researchcooperative:
"When kickbox runs it will leave a trail in there of anything it has done."

Where will it leave this trail? In my first test, I could see Kickbox working through the first 100 addresses, making comments on them, but the screen that showed this disappeared leaving no obvious record.

16 Oct 2016 06:09:55AM @researchcooperative:
Does the Kickbox module in my JR site communicate with my account at Kickbox? I also do not see any record of the check just done at the Kickbox account.

16 Oct 2016 06:16:41AM @researchcooperative:
I did get an API key from Kickbox, after going to my Kickbox dashboard.

I had to click on a panel called "Verify API" ("Add email verification to your own application with Kickbox’s real-time API. Get started with API libraries for Node.js, PHP, Python, and Ruby.").

Then I had to create my own API name, and then I was given an API Key. As these the expected steps when retrieving an API Key for use with the Kickbox Module in JR?

I did not find an API Key ready-made in my account settings, which was the only other place that seemed likely to provide something like this.

16 Oct 2016 09:26:28AM @brian:
"When kickbox runs it will leave a trail in there of anything it has done."
Make sure you are looking in your Dashboard -> Activity Log - this is the "trail".

16 Oct 2016 09:27:19AM @brian:

Does the Kickbox module in my JR site communicate with my account at Kickbox? I also do not see any record of the check just done at the Kickbox account.
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