Email Course

  • Overview

    The Email Course module allows you to create various different sets of emails that get sent to the user from the point they added themselves to the list.

    As an admin you create the emails and determine at what interval they should be sent, then when someone adds their email to the list they get sent the emails at the interval you set.

    Eg: You wanted to create a "Getting Started" email course that users will automatically get put into when they create their account. For that you set an email to go out immediately, then another one one day afte, and another one the day after that.

    After you've created a course you will be given some code to put wherever you want to. That piece of code will show a box for accepting email addresses. Each piece of code is connected to its email course.

    So you could create a "Getting Started" course and a "10 days of knitting tips" course and a "Guitar Chords you must Know" course then the user will get the course of the box that they signed up to only.