Event Tracer

  • Overview

    The Events Tracer module keeps a brief record of when things happen. If you wanted to understand how many files had been downloaded in the last couple of days then this is the module you want.

    It also records:
     jrCore_download_file - A user downloads a file
     jrCore_stream_file - A user streams a file
     jrUser_login_success - User logs into the system
     jrUser_signup_activated - A new user activates their account

    Which you can then use for whatever purpose you like.

    The jrSolo skin uses this info in the /fan_activity.tpl template to show the last 10 actions performed by fans looking at the skin.
  • For Developers

    You can use this module to any events

    Docs: "Events and Listeners"

    Register to listen for the 'trace_event' in your modules _init() function to add an extra "Active Trace Event" to the GLOBAL SETTINGS of the Trace module. ( your-site.com/tracer/admin/global)
  • screenshot of the modules and events that exist as options to trace
  • User module's events in the tracer

    The jrUser module adds its events to the jrTrace modules list of possible events to trace.

    Then when the event is activate by the admin each time it happens it will be added to the jrTrace datastore.
    // If the tracer module is installed, we have a few events for it
    jrCore_register_module_feature('jrTrace', 'trace_event', 'jrUser', 'signup_activated', 'A new user activates their account');
    jrCore_register_module_feature('jrTrace', 'trace_event', 'jrUser', 'login_success', 'User logs into the system');