Parameter Injection

Table of Contents:

How it works
  • Overview

    The Parameter Injection module (not to be confused with the "Template Injection" module) allows you to alter the returned list results for any module that uses a datastore.
    It is designed for injecting additional search parameters into specific module views and Magic Views.

    So if you have a list of results coming back from a module that you need to over-ride, but are unable to adjust it by template over-rides then this module may help.
  • How it works

    If you were to add a field to the Audio module via the Form Designer which was called 'audio_download' that only the admin user was able to turn on or off. Then use the Parameter Injection module to check that the state of that form field was set to allow the download of that particular album, then that would be one way this module could be used.

    The module is for very specific use cases so outlining all the possible ways it could be used is difficult.
  • screenshot of some parameters set to check for audio_download for albums.