Beta Launch Page

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  • Overview

    The Beta Launch Page module creates a cool "coming soon" pre-launch page where visitors can signup to be notified when your site launches. Includes a tool for emailing everyone when your site launches.

    The emails collected are saved to the local system. The module includes a tool to email to that list an email when your site moves from BETA out into publicly viewable.

    The Beta Launch Page module differs from Maintenance Mode in that the Beta Launch Module does allow regular existing users and profile admins to log in.

    This is done to allow testers access to the system while the site is in development.

    Visitors who view your site while this module is active will see the beta launch page screen instead of the site. As soon as they login they will see the site as normal.
  • screenshot of the page visitors to your site will see while the site is in beta
  • screenshot of the INFO tab of the module in the ACP
  • screenshot of the IMAGES tab of the module in the ACP
  • Similar to the Beta Launch page, is Maintenance mode. Use Maintenance mode when you want JUST the admin's to be able to log in.
  • Questions and Answers

    Q: I've downloaded the Launch Page Module but can't find the actual page. I've made it active, etc. Where might it be hiding?
    A: Log out. The beta launch page shows to non-logged in users.