Maintenance Mode

  • Overview

    Maintenance Mode is a tool for the admin to put the system into temporary shutdown while repairs or upgrades are made.

    You can use maintenance mode to make the site only accessible by admin level users for a short period. Perhaps useful when doing upgrades or building a new skin.
  • Activation

    To put the site into Maintenance mode, go to:

    Then check the checkbox labeled "Maintenance Mode"
  • screenshot of the location to turn maintenance mode on
  • Check the checkbox and save the changes and the site will be in Maintenance Mode.

    While it is in maintenance mode, all users who are not 'Profile Admin' level, or 'Master Admin' will be logged out and shown the message that is written in the 'Maintenance Message' box.
  • screenshot of the page that is shown to standard level users when the site is in Maintenance Mode
  • Login Deactivated

    While in maintenance mode the login screen will show a message that only admins can log in.
  • screenshot of the login screen while in maintenance mode with notice highlighted
  • Similar to the Maintenance mode, is Beta Launch page. Use Beta Launch page when you want all registered users to be able to log in.