2 Factor Authentication

  • Overview

    The 2 Factor Authentication module is used to ensure that the user who is logging in to your site also has access to the email account that is registered to that user.

    When this module is enabled and a user logs in, an authentication code is sent to their email. To be able to login, they need to be able to retrieve that code from their email and enter it to continue.
  • Login starts as normal

    Login starts as normal
    screenshot of the login screen on a jamroom site.
  • Then confirmation is required

    Then confirmation is required
    screenshot of the 2 factor authentication follow up screen
  • 2 factor authentication can be required by quota, so it may be active for just some users, like admin level users.

    An email will be sent to the users email address which contains the authentication code. That code will be different every login and will need to be entered before the login can be completed.