Admin Hover Menu

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    video overview of what the jrAdminMenu module does.
  • What the Admin Hover Menu module does

    The admin hover menu adds a menu to the top of most of the pages of your site.

    The purpose of it is to be able to navigate to anywhere in the admin panel with just one click.

    It was developed in conjunction with the jrAdminSkin module. When used together these two modules solve the problem of "How can I quickly slap an existing web template onto jamroom without having to build a complete Jamroom skin?".

    These two modules used together give you a way to access the admin interface (jrAdminMenu) with a way to use one skin for the admin area and another for the forward facing content ( jrAdminSkin).

    They don't need to be used together. The jrAdminMenu by itself is very useful for speeding up site navigation even when used with an existing skin like jrElastic.
  • Screenshot of the Admin Menu

    Screenshot of the Admin Menu
    screenshot of the admin menu on the jrElastic skin.