Admin Skin

  • youtube
    video overview of what the jrAdminMenu module does.
  • What the Admin Skin module does

    The Admin Skin module was designed to allow the site admin to set one skin for the admin area and another skin for the forward facing site content.

    It was designed to be used in conjunction with the jrAdminMenu.

    These two modules together allow the use of one site on the front end and an alternate one on the back end, complete with back end navigation.

    It just makes converting existing templates to skins a bit easier.
  • Screenshots

    screenshot of the ACP interface to enable the admin skin
  • screenshot representation of a Sage skin for the admin while Elastic skin for the front end
  • Update - May 2014

    This module has been updated.

    The updates change the way the module works. Now there are no settings in the module itself, you will find the setting in the SKINS section.

    Each skin normally would have a checkbox to set it as the default skin. Now when this module is active, there will also be a setting to set it as the active admin skin.
  • screenshot of the jrAdminSkin module active. (There are no extra tabs.)
  • screenshot of the new checkbox for each skin to set it as the admin skin.