• How to use the Documentation module

    video overview of how the documentation module works
  • What the Documentation module is for

    The documentation module is used to document how something works. Specifically it was created for when Jamroom is used on

    On each developer is going to have a profile. The profile will showcase their modules.

    Along with showcasing the modules available for sale and for free, the developers profile will be a central location for the developer to document how their modules work.

    Each of the modules in the marketplace will link back to that developers profile for users interested in purchasing the module.

    Along with the documentation module Jamroom developers will be given the tools they need to support their customers well.

    This includes their own forum to help support customers.
  • screenshot of the 'add a section type' options box.
  • Screenshots

    screenshot of the form to add a screenshot section to a document
  • screenshot of a list of documents inside a section.
  • screenshot of the menu to add a new section (hovering over an included youtube section)