• Overview

    The Users module is part of the core set of modules.

    It is used to allow users to sign up to your site.

    This module can not be removed from the system, but user signups can be turned off.
  • The USER is the person, the PROFILE is where they put their stuff. One USER can have a number of profiles. The QUOTA is attached to the profile to define what MODULES are active there. Each QUOTA is a set of active MODULES.
  • screenshot of the user browser in the ACP
  • screehshot of the tools available in the ACP for the jrUser module
  • screenshot of the Global Conf page in the ACP to enable/disable user signups
  • Adding Form Designer fields to the signup form

    To add another field to the signup form use the Form Designer

    Docs: "Using the Form Designer"

    You will see the Form Designer button on the top right of the signup form when you are logged in as the admin user.

    The url for that will be:
  • screenshot of the Form Designer button on the user/signup form
  • An example of an field put there by the Form Designer

    In the screenshots below you can see the user/signup form which includes a "User Birthday" field added by the Form Designer
  • screenshot of a birthday field on the signup form
  • Form Designer settings that created the Birthday field

    Form Designer settings that created the Birthday field
    screenshot of the options filled in in the form designer that create the birthday field.
  • Redirect to URL on Login or Signup

    When a user logs in to your system or signs up for the first time, you are able to control the page where that user lands on via the QUOTA CONFIG tab on the Users module.
  • screenshot of the QUOTA CONFIG tab on the USERS module.