Quota Terms of Service

  • Overview

    The Terms of Service module allows you to require acceptance of your sites Terms of Service when a user logs in.

    You can control which Quotas are required to accept the Terms of Service, and you can have as many different Terms of Service as you would like.
    The actual page that contains the Terms of Service is created in the Page Creator module, so that is required for this module to work.
  • Create a 'Terms of Service' Page

    Using the Page Creator module, create a page for the Terms of Service.
  • screenshot of the 'create a page' tool in the ACP
  • screenshot of the terms of service page created in the page creator
  • Make sure the Page Location is set to Page is visible on Main Site.
  • Set the quotas that need to accept

    Each quota can have a different Terms of Service page if you create them.
    To set the Terms of Service page, navigate to

  • screenshot showing the Terms Of Service page selected for the 'example quota'
  • Nex time the user logs in, they need to accept

    The next time users with profiles in that quota log in they will be required to accept the Terms of Service in order to proceed with the login.
  • Screen with the terms of service on it presented to the logging in user