• Elastic skin for Jamroom

    Elastic skin for Jamroom
    The Elastic skin for Jamroom.

    Below are some screenshots of the Elastic skin.
  • screenshot of elastic skin.
  • screenshot of elastic skin.
  • screenshot of elastic skin.
  • Skin Notes

    Thank you for purchasing and using the Jamroom and the Elastic skin.

    If you've installed Jamroom, or had Jamroom installed by a Jamroom staff, for the first time, the jrElastic skin will be the default skin. This skin can be modified/expanded to suit any type of site needs.

    There are other Jamroom skins that you may purchase, install and activate yourself.

    Or if you prefer not to install the other Jamroom skin(s) yourself we have a guaranteed installation service available, visit us for more info: https://www.jamroom.net
  • Installation

    Elastic is the default skin for Jamroom. When you do an install of the free open source core, elastic will be the default skin.

    To activate any other skin for your Jamroom Install, log-in as admin and click the Skins tab, then click on one of the Skin from the menu entry you wish to use, then click the Info tab and check the "Set As Active Skin" checkbox and finally click the save button.
  • Site branding

    Simply edit or replace the following files to change the branding of your site.
    • Main Header Logo (site wide | width: 236px height: 55px) - skins/jrElastic/img/logo.png
    • Footer Information - skins/jrElastic/footer.tpl
    Note: You may also modify skin template via the "Templates" tab in the admin skins section of the control panel.
  • Elastic Settings (skins/jrElastic/config.php file)

    Elastic has a couple of configuration settings, as admin you will see a link in the ACP drop down menu which links to the Elastic Skin Settings page in your admin.
  • screenshot of the skin settings menu item.
  • Note: Please take your time to view the Elastic Settings and descriptions.
  • Image Slider IDs

    Enter the profile ID's you want to show in the image slider.
  • screenshot of the image slider ids input area
  • Note: Separate multiple ID's with a comma, ie. 1,2,3.
  • Auto Play

    Enabling this option will turn on your players auto play feature.
  • screenshot of the auto play option
  • Note: This is for the following profile players only. Audio, Playlist and Video.
  • Requirements

    • Jamroom Core v5.x.x
    • jrAction Module v1.x.x
    • jrAudio Module v1.x.x
    • jrVideo Module v1.x.x
    • jrPlaylist Module v1.x.x
    • jrBlog Module v1.x.x
    • jrPage Module v1.x.x
    • jrGallery Module v1.x.x
    • jrEvent Module v1.x.x
    • jrSoundCloud Module v1.x.x
    • jrVimeo Module v1.x.x
    • jrYouTube Module v1.x.x
  • Support

    If you have any support questions or require assistance please use the Jamroom Support Forums or if you have access to the Support Center , you may open a support ticket.
    Thanks Again For Your Purchase And Your Support!.
    - The Jamroom Network Team

    The jrElastic skin is licensed under the Mozilla Public License (MPL).