How do I upgrade?

  • Importing your Jamroom 4 date into a new Jamroom install

    Jamroom 4 and Jamroom 5+ are not compatible in any way . "Upgrading" to the latest Jamroom is a multi-step process:

    1) Create a new install of Jamroom in a different location on your server (or a completely separate server).

    2) Download the Jamroom Import module:

    and install the Jamroom 4 module it contains in your Jamroom 4 install.

    3) Install the Jamroom Import module in your Jamroom install via the Marketplace.

    4) Follow the directions to "Import" your Jamroom 4 site to your new Jamroom site:

    5) When satisfied your NEW Jamroom site is setup as you want, update your DNS to point to the new server, or move your Jamroom 4 site to a new location on the server and move your new Jamroom site to the proper directory.

    If you're unsure of doing this process yourself, Jamroom 4 importing is offered as a Service:
  • If you are wanting to import data from Jamroom 4 to Jamroom 5, see the documentation on the jrImport module here
  • If you are wanting to upgrade a Jamroom 5 system to a newer version of Jamroom 5 see the Howto: Upgrade Jamroom 5