Upgrading an old site to Jamroom Core 6.5.0+

4 years ago
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I wanted to post a quick update here with steps on updating old Jamroom sites to the newest release when using the Marketplace.

A LOT of changes have occurred since the initial Jamroom Core 6 releases (i.e. Core 6.1.0, Core 6.2.0) and there are a number of changes in the Marketplace module as well to make sure updates install smoothly. However, on old core installs the Marketplace module does not have the "reset" cache code in it that allows the web server to "see" the new and updated version of the core module once it is updated. So that requires an extra step when updating an old site:

- Log in to the old site and go to the Marketplace -> System Updates. You'll see the new core update - press "update" to the update to the new Core.

This is likely to FAIL - you will end up with an internal server error. To fix this you need to restart the web server - this will reset the web server cache and allows it to "see" the updated Core PHP scripts.

Once the web server is restarted you should be able to go back to your site index and go into the ACP again. Once there:

- Run an Integrity Check and Reset Caches
- Go to Marketplace -> System Updates and install ONLY the update available for the Marketplace module
- Run an Integrity Check and Reset Caches
- Go back to Marketplace -> System Updates and install the rest

That should get your site updated to the latest.

Let us know if you have any issues.


Brian Johnson
Founder and Lead Developer - Jamroom

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