solved customising iskin

2 years ago
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I'd like to add a few modules into the $_mods = array of the lists in the drop-down choices. Is it just the case of adding new module arrays into the existing iskin's config.php file, or should I first clone the skin then add the new mods, then upload the newly cloned skin. Here's the array I'd like to have...

$_mods = array(
'jrProfile' => 'jrProfile',
'jrAudio' => 'jrAudio',
'jrVideo' => 'jrVideo',
'jrBlog' => 'jrBlog',
'jrEvent' => 'jrEvent',
'jrGallery' => 'jrGallery'
'jrPage' => 'jrPage',
'jrProduct' => 'jrProduct',
'jrServieShop' => 'jrServiceShop',
'jrCombinedVideo' => 'jrCombinedVideo',

Any suggestions will be very much appreciated.

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2 years ago
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Hi Mick - yep - just clone the skin first then you can modify that array to suit your needs.

Let me know if that helps.

Brian Johnson
Founder and Lead Developer - Jamroom
2 years ago
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You'll want to make sure you check the index templates to support the additional module fields, if any. You may need to look at the include.php as well.

Good luck.
2 years ago
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Thanks Nate.

I can see a few references to 'jrISkin' in quite a few templates, so thanks for suggesting that. I was just about to upload the new skin files when I saw your post. I had only thought about changing the include.php and config.php so I'm glad of your (timely) input.

I'll let you know how things progress.