Which template files need modification to create a filter that can display all users or items for a given Quota

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- I am using Audio Pro 2 skin
- I would like to put few controls on the main page t o allow displaying some items such as:
* all users or items for a given Quota ( Ex: All Artist Profiles, All Member Profiles etc..)
* all the songs
* all albums
etc ..

Can you please advise on which template files need modifications to achieve this & some direction on the type of change I need to make inside the files?

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Which templates depends on where you want to show these options, and how.
I'd start with the skin's index.tpl and see what's included immediately in that, and what other templates it might 'include'.

If you are listing profiles and items in specific quotas, checkout 'jrCore_list' smarty template calls. They might just need additional search parameters adding - search="profile_quota_id = x" or search="profile_quota_id IN x,y,z" if multiple quota IDs are required.
Checkout the relevant chapters in our Developer Guide docs. - https://www.jamroom.net/the-jamroom-network/documentation/contents

Paul Asher - JR Developer and System Import Specialist
4 years ago
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This is a good tool for finding out which templates construct a page "Template name in source"

Docs: "Developer tools -> Template Name in Source"

In truth I don't use that very often though. What I do is grab a distinctive looking class from one of the elements on the page and run that through the search function in my IDE to locate the templates. If that fails then I'd use the above tool to figure out the template.

jrCore_list is the swiss army knife of getting anything from a datastore out to a template:

Docs: "{jrCore_list}"

Jamroom has 2 types of data storage systems, a regular mysql 'table' and a 'datastore'.

A datastore is a KEY -> VALUE storage system that allows you not to have to define a table structure. Most modules use a datastore for their items.

Careful though, if you're making alterations to jrAudioPro then if it gets updates and you upgrade all your adjustments will be lost.

What happens when a skin gets upgraded is the existing skin gets moved to a version directory jrAudio-version-1.2.3 and the new update gets put in its place.

In order to avoid that clone the skin to its own name so there will be no updates to over-write your changes.
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