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I'm using the Elastic 2 Skin. What would I have to remove from the following code located in the index_Core.tpl in order to continue showing the blog, but not hyperlink back to the authors page?

{jrCore_list module="jrBlog" profile_id=$_conf.jrElastic2_profile_ids order_by="_item_id desc" limit=1 template="index_core_blog_list.tpl" quota_check=false}

updated by @bigrussian: 03/12/21 05:02:47AM
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nothing, the place you want to update is index_core_blog_list.tpl

which is in a /module/ directory, so dont touch it because it would be over-written with the next update.

What you want to do is OVER-RIDE that by copying it to your skin and renaming it to jrCore_index_core_blog_list.tpl

Do that and the version in your skin will over-ride the modules version, then any changes you make will be safe through any future updates.

Docs: "Altering a modules template"
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The index_core_blog_list.tpl is a skin template, I think Michael may have confused it with the item_list.tpl, item_index.tpl etc. templates found in the modules template folder.

You would need to remove the link code from the title variable.

So in your skins/Elastic2/index_core_blog_list.tpl file, find this:

<h1><a href="{$jamroom_url}/{$item.profile_url}/{$murl}/{$item._item_id}/{$item.blog_title_url}">{$item.blog_title}</a></h1>

and change it to this:


There is also a read more link near the bottom of that template file, but it checks to see if you are using a pagebreak in the blog and if not it will not show the read more link, so as long as you are not using pagebreaks in your blogs you should be good. Otherwise you may want to find and remove this code as well:

{* check to see if the blog has a pagebreak in it *}
                              {if strpos($item.blog_text,'<!-- pagebreak -->')}
                                  <span class="info"><a href="{$jamroom_url}/{$item.profile_url}/{$murl}/{$item._item_id}/{$item.blog_title_url}">{jrCore_lang module="jrBlog" id="25" default="Read more"} &raquo;</a></span>

Hope this helps!


Douglas Hackney
Jamroom Team - Designer/Developer/Support
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