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So.......forgive me for I have neglected my Jamroom! It's been 7 or 8 years - in which time I seem to have now have an 11-year old son, who's coding mad, and is now making his first (Minecraft-themed) site.

We're using Site Builder, as it's a bit easier than Page Builder, but as the Site Builder pages don't have an $item_id, we can't add Item Features to a page he's created in that.

Is there a simple way around that? e.g. to convert the page URL to a unique Item ID for the Likes or whatever to attach to?
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Great that your son is into coding :-)
The reason 'Page Builder' pages have an $item_id is that their html is saved on a DataStore and are hence referenced by the DS item ID. Site Builder doesn't work like that so you just need to create new 'Site Built' pages called 'likes', or 'members', or 'games' or whatever.
Hope That Helps

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