Image not copied to all persons when adding event

3 years ago
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Hi, when adding an event like a census return and attaching an image of the return, I select the other members (children, spouse) for the event to be added to their timeline. The event is added but the image is not copied or linked in the other timelines ... Is this normal behaviour or is there something wrong. I'm running the latest updates and verified the system, cleared caches etc ....
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3 years ago
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I think I know what you're trying to do and it depends on how you do it:

1) If you create a new event for a profile and attach the image to the EVENT then it will only show on that ancestor profile's timeline - this is because event images are unique to each event

2) Instead, if you create the census as a new SOURCE and upload the image to the source (not the event) then the census image will show in each event that uses the source.

Let me know if that helps.


Brian Johnson
Founder and Lead Developer - Jamroom