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2 years ago
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Hi, I just discovered this, what seems to be a nice piece of software.

However, I'm trying to import my GEDCOM file downloaded from Ancestry and when I got the "Images" box checked, I'm getting to "validating 21,626 ancestors...". If I uncheck it, it looks like this and THEN it stops..

created/updated 250 ancestor profiles
created/updated 200 ancestor profiles
created/updated 150 ancestor profiles
created/updated 100 ancestor profiles
created/updated 50 ancestor profiles
validating 21,626 ancestors...
completed parsing GEDCOM file...
parsing GEDCOM file (could take a minute)...
preparing for GEDCOM import to tree_id 1...

How to resolve this and import my file properly?
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2 years ago
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Welcome to Jamroom!

I'm not sure what would be causing this, but it sounds like it is getting to a location in the GEDCOM where it is looking for an image and not finding it. Have you uploaded your media via the Genosis Core -> Tools -> Import Media Archive tool? If you want to send your GEDCOM file to me at support [at] jamroom [dot] net I can check it out on this end and see if it's a parsing error.

Hope this helps!

Brian Johnson
Founder and Lead Developer - Jamroom