What is the best option for hosting: Managed Or Un-managed

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I along with my friends have created a social community for my university fellows along with my friends. Now, we are looking for the best hosting option for our website. Most of my team members are agreed on Linode secure server for the hosting. But, we are stuck in the type of hosting. Whether, we go for the conventional Linode server or for the managed Linode server.

Which will be the better option.?
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Which will be the better option will depend on your knowledge of servers. If you're comfortable handling keeping-it-all-working part of things then linode is a very good option. We use linode here to provide the unmanaged boxes that we then customize for the Jamroom Hosting packages here:

Jamroom Hosted

If you're thinking that managed is the way to go, then check out Jamroom Hosted for consideration too. With it, we provide the management here. You get a hosting control panel on jamroom.net and can setup as many jamroom sites as you like.

All modules made by The Jamroom Network can be installed on as many sites as you need which is all included in the price of the hosting.

However, if you also want to run non-jamroom sites from the server, then Jamroom Hosting would not be a good fit. The servers are optimized for jamroom.
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Just want to jump in here to say I've had my two jamroom social network sites (with several thousand members) on a single hosted/managed Jamroom server for about three years now and I could not be happier with the value and the service. Jamroom's amazing and friendly support team keep their server very well maintained for me so that i don't need to do a thing. Any occasional issues that come up are immediately taken care of by the JR team, and the price is very reasonable.
Just remember, like Michael says- their servers are meant for hosting only Jamroom sites. But you can put multiple jamroom sites on your server at no extra cost, and you can swap server size (and cost) as you need to, very easily.

...just another satisfied Jamroom customer.
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