Chinese + Bots = ?

ABCD in Action
2 years ago
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I was playing around with Google Analytics today (alert: total novice here) and I noticed that the second most used language on our site is now Chinese... (10.62% of users in the last 6 months!). Now that's interesting since we have absolutely zero members who say they are from China and we've had zero contact with people from China. Yet we had 821 users using Chinese in the last 12 months, compared to 86 the 12 months prior to that.

At the same time, we've had increased instances of a bot trying to sign up for our site. Not sure if these two are connected.

Let me be clear that we would welcome people who are Chinese / Chinese-speaking since the focus of our community is community development and we currently have members from over 75 countries. I'm just wondering if you think the increase in Chinese language and the increase in bot attempted signups are connected. Has anyone else experienced anything like this?
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2 years ago
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Could be connected. Whats the goal? You can ban anyone anytime for anything you like, its your site. So if someone creates an account "Chris Smith" but has a location where that feels like its a fake name and also accompanied by a suspicious email address you're not wrong to just block them. You can do that from the WHOS ONLINE tab, there's a BLOCK USER button.