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5 years ago
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I've just released a new version of my macOS Image and Photo Organized - "Scoop" - the the Apple app store. This is a side project I have developed off and on over the last few years mainly to scratch my own itch :) I wanted an image organizer / server that could the tens of thousands of images that my family has taken over the last 18+ years, as well as an organizer for genealogical work I've done in the past related to my work on Genosis.

It also features a 100% private sharing service that I built on Jamroom:

that integrates with Scoop via an API - it's pretty cool. It allow you to tag and create galleries within Scoop and then share those galleries out to friends and family. It's all private - there's no "public" access of any kind. My wife and I use it to share pictures with extended family and it works awesome.

So I've just pushed out a new release (version 1.2.1) since my App store developer certificate was set to expire - this will keep it in the store for another couple years. Whenever I push out a new release I also get the option of generating some "promo" codes to get the app for free, and I wanted to share those with our Jamroom users that might be interested. It's 100% free using one of the codes below:

If anyone has any questions let me know :)


P.S. Scoop requires a MAC to work - it is not a Windows program, nor is it for iOS (i.e. not iPad, iPhone, etc.). It's a macOS program that runs on your iMac, Macbook Pro, etc.

Brian Johnson
Founder and Lead Developer - Jamroom

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