Is ionicframework compatible with Proxima

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Hi there

Sorry for so many questions about Proxima but as a complete beginner where front end app building is concerned I came across this system....

Seems one of many ways of building can code but also they offer a visual drag and drop tool.....I felt of all the systems out there is probably the most suitable for me given my skillset .I just wanted to ask if as far you guys know Proxima as a backend service would be compatible with this system....... ionicframework?

Thanks so much

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You should have no problem using ionic framework with Proxima - as long as it can handle receiving data in JSON format (which is pretty much supported by everything nowadays).

So basically how it would work is you would develop the mobile app in ionic, and to get data into and out of Proxima you would send a request TO Proxima, and Proxima would respond with a JSON object - ionic would receive that and decode it for you and give you the data to work with.

So I'd recommend reading up on ionic's support for JSON - i.e.

Let me know if that helps.


Brian Johnson
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