In form designer, please add an option to show all the fields seen according to display group

3 years ago
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At present when editing fields in the form designer (in the "create" and "settings" modes) we see all fields seen by all user groups. As a result, while editing the fields, we cannot see the overall form structure that our users see.

Without going into an individual field with the modify button, we cannot see which users will see that field.

Is it technically possible to add a button at the top that allows Admin to select different user groups, and then see what they see, while we edit the form? This would greatly facilitate making different forms for different user groups.

I have made a mockup image to show how I imagine this change to the form design page would look (showing my imaginary button with dropdown menu for selecting a set of users, in order to reveal only the fields seen by that set of users).

I imagine that this would be useful for all JR networks that have ore than one kind of membership or signup option.

PJ Matthews, Kyoto
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