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My understanding of the tag cloud system in JR is that all content can have tags, and different kinds of content can be chosen to see different kinds of tag cloud... BUT each tag cloud applies to ALL instances of a particular content type.

e.g. in the page for all tags
"All tags" button shows a tag cloud for all content of the site.
"Blogs" shows a tag cloud for ALL blogs.

What I am interested in is being able to create a tag cloud for a specific Blog, that is then displayed on that Blog only.

Or a tag cloud for all posts in a specific Group, with a display of the tag cloud in the sidebar of the Group.

This would allow the tag system to be used more creatively to enhance the user experience of a specific Blog or Group (or other specific content).

I suppose one way around this would be to create specific JR websites with just one blog or one group operating under one URL.... but I don't want to have to manage many different websites in order to create specific tag clouds for specific content.

For a music site, for example, all the work of a particular music group or musician could be tagged and followed with a tag cloud that is displayed only on the profile page of that group.

I am sure what I am suggesting can be done inside JR, but is there interest in making this level of tag control a standard feature of the JR system? Or is it already a standard feature of the system?

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if its for a single blog its going to be on a single profile so this should work:
{jrTags_cloud profile_id=$_profile_id search="tag_module = jrBlog"}

The $_profile_id should be available if you put it in a template that is showing on a profile.
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fyi, what Michael says above would return tags for all that profile's blogs. You could expand the search to specific blogs (or other items), eg. -

{jrTags_cloud profile_id=$_profile_id search="tag_module = jrBlog" search2="_item_id = $item._item_id"}

The $item._item_id variable would be available on the item list and detail pages.

Paul Asher - JR Developer and System Import Specialist