solved Deleting Pending Users

2 months ago
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I encountered a glitch when deleting pending users in the Pending tab of the Dashboard.

I had two pages of pending users and I wanted to delete the oldest ones, 100 per page. I checked the top selection box on the second page, to select all on that page, and 'deleted selected'.
I received the message that there were no more pending users. I refreshed the screen and it still showed no other Pending users.
I think it should have shown me the 100 users that were still pending.
It's not a big problem, but did cause me to think that I had inadvertently deleted all of the Pending users, including the most recent.

I attach screenshots (1) after deletion and (2) then going back to the Pending list.

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2 months ago
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It was most likely because you were still on the second page, which is why it showed you that message.

You can look at the URL and should see that there is a p=2 at the end, after deleting the second page, it does not go back to the 1st page.

Hope this helps!


Douglas Hackney
Jamroom Team - Designer/Developer/Support
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2 months ago
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@douglas thank you for your prompt response.
I must admit, I did not think of looking at the url to see if there might be another page, especially as the page-jumper had disappeared from the bottom of the page. This led me to take the message at face value - i.e. "there are no pending user accounts at this time".