Jamroom triggering high CPU on hosting

3 years ago
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My hosting company is reporting that my CPU is running high.

I have attached screenshot for
- CPanel showing CPU 100% while Jamroom keeps twirling indefinitely
- Screenshot from hosting that apcu is enabled
- Conflicting Jamroom System Check showing that apcu is not enable

Can you help me figure out why this is still bringing down Jamroom?


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3 years ago
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You have Apache resource limits in place, so you're just running in to that. You could just try restarting your web server to see if that helps, otherwise there isn't really anything we can do for you here other then you can upgrade your plan to one that is not resource limited.

As for APCu if you see that error in the Server Check then it means the "apcu_add" function does NOT exist in your install:


Regardless of what your hosting panel is showing.

Let me know if that helps.

Brian Johnson
Founder and Lead Developer - Jamroom