Single sign on through another site/platform?

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I'm going to warn you that I do know have tech expertise - I just want to know if this is possible.

Our organization is looking at moving all their stuff to a single platform - membership, events, website, etc. The exception would be our online community on JR. Here's our question - if the organization has membership levels and sets those up on another platform, is it theoretically possible for someone to join the other platform and automatically become a member of our JR community? We're trying to keep all members - regardless of their membership level - in one data base and we don't want to make people sign up twice, for the organization and then for our JR community.

Thank you for any of your thoughts on this question.
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Yes its possible. There are many ways to do it, some more difficult than others.

The easiest is to use something like the jrOneAll module and enable the social media sign-on buttons so the user can use their Facebook, Google, Twitter or other account to sign in to both sites.

From there the complexity increases.
* Sign on to one creates an account on the other and logs you in. Both sites have all the information and updating info on either keeps the other up to date.

is quite complex.