Sending invitations using email address - advice in module is not clear

7 months ago
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The Invitations module offers two ways to send invitations - to Users (i.e. Followers) or with email addresses. The Documentation for this module only explains the case of selecting followers as recipients.

It is not clear whether or not email invitations can be sent to any email address, inside or outside the list of users/members/followers of a network, or only email addresses that are inside a jr network and match users/members/followers.

Note: The language template gives the following advice message:

QUOTE: Enter the email addresses (one per line) for the users you would like to invite

From the perspective of ordinary members of a network, this is not clear Does the advice mean the email address of any follower, any member of the network, or any person inside or outside the network?

I would like to change the language string to make the message understandable for users of my network, but need to understand it first myself!

PJ Matthews, Kyoto
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Email invites can be sent to any email address, even ones outsite the Jamroom network. We'd suggest only allowing Admins access to this feature as your users could see it as a mean to spam.

Agree that that help text is misleading. Maybe it should say "Enter the email addresses (one per line) of any invitation recipients".

Paul Asher - JR Developer and System Import Specialist