New poll error?

7 months ago
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When I set up a poll, no problem.

When I return to a newly-made poll to change something, the poll options automatically expand from the number I set to a maximum list of poll options (looks like 20 in my case), with all the previous option fields deleted, without me touching the options number.

To get back to the number I set, I have to manually delete all the automatically generated option fields, one by one. This is too slow, so it is quicker to delete the entire poll and start from scratch again.

i.e. editing a poll does not seem to be practically possible.

PJ Matthews, Kyoto
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7 months ago
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I'm not seeing this on my test site.
Have you got the latest Poll module? It was updated to fix another issue not so long back.
If you do have the latest, have run the IC and cleared caches etc., and are still seeing this issue let me know exactly the setup and how I might replicate this issue.

Paul Asher - JR Developer and System Import Specialist