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Image Galleries
Category:  Profiles
Version:  1.9.3
Size:  79KB
License:  JCL
Updated:  05 Jul 2018 02:36:19PM
Image Galleries  Image Galleries

Create extensive image galleries on profiles including Light Box support for slide show like capabilities and online image editing using the Adobe Creative SDK.

Lora McMeans
16 Jan 2015 05:39:52PM @lora-mcmeans:
If I have a paid membership that allows them to use the image gallery and their paid membership ends, can the entire photo gallery for THAT individual member be deleted with one click or would they have to delete pictures one by one?
17 Jan 2015 08:49:09AM @brian:
If someone's membership runs out, I would recommend NOT deleting all their images, as they may want to start their subscription up again in the future. So what you would do instead is:

- make it so when their subscription expires, they are moved to a Jamroom Quota that does NOT have the Image Galleries module enabled. This will prevent any gallery images from showing on their profile
- after XX days without resubscribing you could delete the profile, which will delete all of their items.

Hope this helps!

17 Jan 2015 12:16:19PM @iamtimbo:
I know there are ways to code around it (that as a newbie I don't understand yet!), but a check box that enables members of one quota to post in the galleries of another would be amazing...!
Lora McMeans
18 Jan 2015 07:08:38PM @lora-mcmeans:
Is Jamroom Quota another level or member category? Ning gives us member "badges" which allows us to set apart permissions for different features. Sometimes members have medical issues etc., and need to take time off. So I would not delete a profile because they would remain a member of the community participating in forums etc.,
19 Jan 2015 02:34:42AM @paul:
Jamroom quotas allow you to give different sets of members different functionality, so yes, maybe a bit like the Ning Badges you describe.
Checkout this doc. -

Lora McMeans
29 Jan 2015 11:43:20PM @lora-mcmeans:
Another dumb question, can I have a gallery of all members images on the main page in a site wide gallery? I want a gallery on our main page which houses all of our sellers. If not I will have to rethink how to feature them.