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System Core
Category:  Core
Version:  6.4.0
Size:  3.2MB
License:  MPL
Updated:  04 Sep 2019 09:08:43AM
System Core  System Core  System Core

This is the Jamroom System Core module. The Core Module provides all low level functionality for other Jamroom modules and skins, and is required for any Jamroom install to operate.

Jamroom System Core change log Version 6.4.0: - New: "get_icon_html" event added that is fired to get icon HTML for interface icons - New: jrCore_db_paged_query() now accepts "simplepagebreak" as $c_query param - New: "ten_minute_maintenance" event fired every ten minutes on the first request in the minute - New: "is_false" checktype plugin returns TRUE if value is false, "false", 0 or "0" - New: Added "item_action_button.tpl" to control display of item action buttons - New: repair.php script updated to allow individual repair option selections - Change: Updated bundled TinyMCE Editor to version 5.0.14 - Change: The label text of the sub-value form element of select_and_text fields can now be custom - Change: Profile cache reset moved to end of view process to ensure reset before refresh - Change: Updated bundled jQuery to version 3.4.1 and included Migrate plugin version 1.4.1 - Change: Control Panel fail/pass images have been changed to use HTML instead of PNG images - Change: Previous/Next icon images updated with new icons - Change: Updated live_search field to (hopefully) prevent Chrome auto fill - Change: Broken link of maintenance mode message removed - Change: item create/update/delete template button function no longer supports "image" parameter - Change: "hidden" keys are now visible in the Data Browser when using "View Keys" - Bug Fix: Deleting Activity Log may not appear to delete entry without refresh - Bug Fix: Some long key names used for images by datastore items may not save correctly - Bug Fix: Some IP6 interfaces could cause the viewer's IP address to show incorrectly - Bug Fix: Control Panel tabs without an associated URL link may not be styled correctly - Bug Fix: Possible SQL Error when saving a new Form Designer field in some instances - Bug Fix: Setting default to FALSE for "datetime" and "time" fields was showing a selected time - Bug Fix: Core provided URL handler not working correctly in PHP 7.3+ - Bug Fix: _profile_id could be set to 0 (zero) on some jrCore_db_update_item calls - Bug Fix: Form Designer fields could be saved in incorrect order - Bug Fix: "Priority Only" showing DBG (debug) log entries in Activity Log - Bug Fix: Right clicking in the TinyMCE editor showing "link" menu instead of browser menu Version 6.3.0: - New: "Log In to Stream" and "Log In to Download" config options added to global config - New: Updated table support for mobile devices to allow easier viewing on small screens - New: "DS Item Count" key added to module info page to show number of items in module datastore - New: "caching_is_enabled" core event fired when checking if caching is enabled - New: db_error.tpl is shown when the system is unable to connect to the database - New: id tags can be set on the containing rows for page custom elements - New: Ability to select multiple Activity Logs for deletion - Change: Removed "Allowed Domains" global config setting - no longer used - Change: 'upload_attachments' template now handles option to not show the delete file icon - Change: Updated bundled TinyMCE Editor to version 4.9.3 - Change: colorpicker, fileuploader, lightbox and simplemodal Javascript moved to /contrib directory - Change: Added some user facing error messages to the core language strings - Change: "Log 404 Not Found" global config option moved to "Maintenance" tab - Change: Media play keys are handled using cookies since HTTP referrer field is no longer usable - Change: Updated bundled Smarty template library to version 3.1.33 - Bug Fix: File Upoad buttons on forms using the mobile WYSIWYG editor may not work correctly - Bug Fix: Deleting an item with comments that have attachments could leave orphaned files - Bug Fix: "Use Default" button in Global Config help drop down section may not set default correctly - Bug Fix: "datetime" field validation was not being enforced in some cases - Bug Fix: Uploads with parenthesis in file name may not upload correctly Version 6.2.0: - New: Improved sort performance when listing items using a Cluster Scaling Tools key index - New: "form_create" event trigger added that is fired when a new form session is created - New: Pagination has been added to the Restore Recycle Bin Item content listing - Change: "date" and "datetime" form fields now use the same calendar chooser as the "daterange" field - Change: Updated bundled TinyMCE Editor to version 4.9.2 - Change: Text change to advise admins when deleting a pending user the associated profile will not be deleted - Change: Logged email when using the "Log Sent Email to Activity Log" option are now stripped of HTML - Change: Updated bundled Mobile Detect library to version 2.8.33 - Bug Fix: Very large profiles with thousands of items may not appear in the Recycle Bin when deleted - Bug Fix: Some select options in the module Global Config may not show as pre-selected correctly - Bug Fix: Email addresses with consecutive periods in the local portion were being allowed - Bug Fix: Some queue entries may not be deleted correctly after failing 10 consecutive times - Bug Fix: Possible CORB error when streaming audio or video using Chrome - Bug Fix: Some downloaded item files may not get the correct file extension for the file type - Bug Fix: Cached results could be used in some instances when "no_cache" parameter is set - Bug Fix: Select fields using optgroups may not validate correctly in some instances - Bug Fix: Some [code] blocks with embedded [code] blocks could be rendered incorrectly Version 6.1.11: - New: "validate_location_url" event trigger added to check URL when performing CSRF URL check - New: "weight" form field added to Form Designer for accepting weight in Pounds and Kilograms - New: "daterange" form field added to Form Designer for ability to select date range - New: "time" form field added to Form Designer to allow for stand alone time chooser - New: "include_now" and "minute_size" field parameter support for datetime and time form field - Change: Download file name now includes the field name to distinguish items with multiple files - Bug Fix: Redirect URL after deleting an item may be incorrect when using a mapped domain - Bug Fix: Invalid module value could be used in {jrCore_item_detail_features} template function - Bug Fix: included missing "fatal_error.png" image file missing from version 6.1.10 - Bug Fix: date_birthday fields may be missing their value after a page refresh - Bug Fix: weight fields may be missing their value after a page refresh - Bug Fix: Some ACP search fields could double the search_string URL parameter Version 6.1.10: - New: Added "fatal_error.tpl" that is shown when the system encounters an unrecoverable error - New: Added support for %O ordinal suffix for use in jrCore_format_time - Change: Updated local cache functions to allow caching in Developer Mode - Change: "onchange" event now fires for both the calendar and time select in a "datetime" field - Change: "date" and "datetime" form fields now use only the drop down date picker to select the date - Bug Fix: @mentions not linking without at least 1 lowercase version of the mention in the text - Bug Fix: Opening bracket in a function may be placed incorrectly within a [code] block - Bug Fix: Admin javascript may not be included in page when doing a Marketplace update - Bug Fix: Possible "Truncated incorrect DOUBLE value" SQL error in Activity Log - Bug Fix: "Users" tab may not show in Pending Items dashboard depending on other pending items - Bug Fix: "default" value in some form fields may not be used correctly - Bug Fix: "Human Check" form field element may not respect form ordering in Form Designer - Bug Fix: Chained Select form field elements may not always display in correct select order - Bug Fix: Chained Select custom form fields may appear incorrectly in the Form Designer Version 6.1.9: - Change: Changes to form_field_elements.tpl + updates to make forms look better on mobile devices - Change: Updated bundled Smarty template library to version 3.1.32 - Change: Updated bundled Mobile Detect library to version 2.8.32 - Change: Updated bundled TinyMCE Editor to version 4.7.13 - Change: X-Frame-Options header will no longer be set if set previously by a module - Change: Removed older versions of jQuery that were no longer being used - Bug Fix: Form Designer fields set to specific quota IDs may not show to multi-profile users - Bug Fix: Time stamp could show in wrong location in Time selector for existing form dates Version 6.1.8: - New: Optional "skin_verify" and "skin_deactivate" include.php functions called when skin activates and deactivates - New: New queue events "validate_queue_info" and "validate_queue_data" added - Change: Added additional font-weights 100-900 for font-weight selector in skin Style editor - Change: Form Designer hidden field value can now be changed from the default value - Bug Fix: "placeholder" text was not showing correctly in custom Live Search fields - Bug Fix: Checktype for float could return FALSE on numbers with a very long fractional part - Bug Fix: Item List widget was not showing item "count" keys for use in searching or ordering - Bug Fix: font-weight and font-family rules may change incorrectly in skin Style editor - Bug Fix: "simplepagebreak" could show next-page link even if there were no more items - Bug Fix: "ignore_missing" jrCore_list param not returning all items if ordering on *_count key - Bug Fix: Chained Select custom form fields could be displayed in the wrong order - Bug Fix: Smileys in quoted text may not show depending on active string formatters in Quota - Bug Fix: Some {jrCore_list} calls that would group by _profile_id may not work correctly - Bug Fix: SweetAlert modal window could be off center on some mobile devices Version 6.1.7: - New: "is_local_url" Event triggered when checking if a URL is a local URL - New: 'range' form field added which displays the HTML5 input type - Change: Added gzip support to HTML responses for browsers that support it - Change: Cache functions updated to use a bit more memory for improved performance - Change: Additional queue info is recorded to the Activity Log when a queue worker is reset - Change: "printable" checktype function now allows emoji to pass through - Change: Improved checking of in-progress queue workers to ensure the process is still running - Bug Fix: Pager URLs when Jamroom is installed in a sub directory may not be created correctly - Bug Fix: Broken link in the View button of the Tools section of the ACP search results page - Bug Fix: Restoring a deleted item from the recycle bin may not restore correctly - Bug Fix: Modified template could be saved with a syntax error in the Template Editor - Bug Fix: New Form Designer field was not requiring the underscore after the module prefix Version 6.1.6: - New: Improved ability to repair and recover from template files corrupted by the file system - New: "module_activated" event trigger fired when a module is activated from the info tab - New: "module_deactivated" event trigger fired when a module is deactivated from the info tab - New: Ability to set "queue_sleep" option for jrCore_send_email to delay email delivery - New: 'placeholder' values get replaced by language value keys if one exists - Change: Upgraded bundled TinyMCE Editor to version 4.7.6 which includes mobile phone support - Change: Updated bundled PEAR and Tar libraries with code for compatibility with PHP 7.2+ - Bug Fix: Multiple _profile_id not_in search conditions for jrCore_db_search_items not working correctly - Bug Fix: SQL Query could hang if error received from MySQL server during connection - Bug Fix: Expired queue entries not being reset if posix functions not enabled in PHP install - Bug Fix: Search condition in Item List Widget may only show first word of multi word match - Bug Fix: {jrCore_item_list_buttons} size, class and color parameters not working on admin config button - Bug Fix: "Purge Activity Logs" set to "never" could still delete some activity logs - Bug Fix: Emptying Recycle Bin may not update Profile Disk Usage for all profiles affected - Bug Fix: Some profile_id specific jrCore_list calls could return empty for logged out users - Bug Fix: Form Designer editor fields set to "required" could be saved with empty content - Bug Fix: Modifying CSS in Style tab for module could override all CSS elements in module CSS file - Bug Fix: emoji in url could cause a blank white screen in some circumstances Version 6.1.5: - New: Added support for "IN" where clause in jrCore_db_run_key_function() - New: Added $cache_reset boolean parameter to update/delete multiple item functions - New: db_search_params listeners can set full_result_set key to be used as results - New: "db_search_results" event triggered with results from jrCore_db_search_items() - Change: "Set Item Order" button no longer shows if there are no items created - Change: Update to counter IP address checking to improve performance on large systems - Change: Update to jrCore_tinymce.css so text editor text area is not one line. - Change: Downloaded file name will now use title_url.extension if item has one - Bug Fix: Users unable to delete comment attachments if not on home profile - Bug Fix: db_search_count_query event did not include actual count of result set Version 6.1.4: - New: "Purge Activity Logs" global config setting to purge activity logs older than X days - New: "db_create_item_data" event listener to get data keys before item_id is created - New: Support added for "between" and "not_between" search operators for jrCore_list - Change: User and URL included in DB query logging to help identify location - Change: Hourly Maintenance only logs to Activity Log if it takes longer than 5 seconds to run - Bug Fix: Queue Latency could show highlighted even if queue was already being worked - Bug Fix: Using a language other than English could result in malformed characters being saved - Bug Fix: Minute maintenance queue may not run if queue data gets corrupted - Bug Fix: Possible "invalid button type" error when re-ordering bundle detail item action buttons - Bug Fix: Email delivery throttling may not work correctly for send_email_low_priority queue - Bug Fix: Progress bar and seeking were not working correctly in Chrome when streaming audio - Bug Fix: Date and DateTime calendar form field was not showing selected date when updating - Bug Fix: Item display order may not be set correctly when deleting profile items Version 6.1.3: - Change: Item List widgets now include ignore_missing parameter by default - Bug Fix: Calendar Date Picker may show invalid date error if not using English - Bug Fix: Quota Limit for items error may show to some users incorrectly - Bug Fix: jrCore_stats template function could return invalid counts for some modules - Bug Fix: jrCore_list order_by RAND with limit 1 would not return all item_id's equally - Bug Fix: System Check may show error for Language Support if not using English as system default Version 6.1.2: - New: Queue data is now optimized and validated by the hourly maintenance worker - Change: Added missing "per page" text in table pager to language file - Change: Admin JavaScript added to separate file to decrease main JS file size - Bug Fix: Save Changes not working from modify template interface - Bug Fix: Smarty functions provided by disabled modules could still be executed - Bug Fix: Audio/Video may not stream on some versions of IE/Edge due to bad headers from browser Version 6.1.1: - New: Advanced Config Keys tool for creating/updating options in the data/config/config.php file - Bug Fix: Tools and Config buttons would return a 404 page in ACP search if module is disabled - Bug Fix: Invalid permissions on data/cache directory could cause a parse template error loop - Bug Fix: MySQL version 5.1.x was showing as supported in the System Check when it is not supported - Bug Fix: "Reset" Button when viewing a modified module or skin template was not working - Bug Fix: Possible order_by error in activity log if ordering by _profile_id in jrCore_list Version 6.1.0: - Change: Updated bundled TinyMCE WYSIWYG Editor to version 4.6.5 - Change: upload_button.tpl added ability to limit uploads via the Profile Daily Limits module - Change: Updated way site is tested for SSL to make it more reliable - Bug Fix: Ordered and unordered lists could have unwanted line breaks before and/or after list - Bug Fix: Cached Javascript not being reset for alternate skins used in Profile Tweaks - Bug Fix: Pending Items delete confirmation was not working correctly Version 6.1.0b6: - Change: Quota Max Upload limit is no longer applied to admin users working on a profile - Change: Datastore query optimizations for jrCore_list calls with mixed quota settings - Bug Fix: Item List Site Builder widget search conditions may show incorrect modifier on edit - Bug Fix: "fdebug" jrCore_db_search_items parameter not working when added to a jrCore_list call Version 6.1.0b5: - Change: Updated bundled TinyMCE WYSIWYG Editor to version 4.6.4 - Change: Updated add to activity log SQL query to make it more efficient - Bug Fix: Custom video player templates using "video_file_mobile" field would not stream - Bug Fix: Full Page cache key updated to differentiate between mobile, tablet and desktop Version 6.1.0b4: - New: Text strings in date picker have been added to the System Core "language" tab - Bug Fix: Upgrading from Jamroom Core 5.2.x or older could hang when running an integrity check - Bug Fix: Some URLs with unicode characters may not show the entire URL as "clickable" - Bug Fix: Using "ignore_missing" jrCore_list parameter could include incorrect items in list Version 6.1.0b3: - Change: Form Designer fields must now be lowercase only - Bug Fix: Full Page caching was not working correctly for some logged out browsers - Bug Fix: Dates with month or day names may not render correctly in some languages - Bug Fix: New modal alert dialog box was causing long pages to scroll to the top - Bug Fix: Profile item counts could be incorrect after deleting audio and video albums Version 6.1.0b2: - New: Images for items with attached images are now shown in the Recycle Bin - New: Detect corrupted templates and automatically rebuild them at display time if needed - New: Admin users can create profile items even if profile has reached the quota limit - New: Updated support for template buttons to include "bundled" items such as albums, galleries, etc. - Change: jrCore_strip_html now strips embed tags when used as a variable modifier - Bug Fix: Bullet and Unordered list buttons may not show in WYSIWYG editor even if allowed in HTML tags - Bug Fix: "Search" in Language tab would revert to en-US if different language selected before search - Bug Fix: Some non-admin Javascript could be excluded from the main site Javascript file Version 6.1.0b1: - New: Template Compare updated to make it easier to spot differences between custom and default templates - New: "Compare" button not clickable if no differences found between the compared templates (in new clones) - New: Admin specific JavaScript is now loaded only for admins from a separate "admin" Javascript file - New: Custom confirm prompt has replaced the default Javascript confirm prompt - New: "Full Page Caching" support added for logged out users (enable in Global Config) - New: "upload_prepare" and "upload_saved" event triggers for custom file upload checks - New: "X-Frame-Options" header is now sent on requests to enhance site security - Change: Icon Sprites are now served from the active skin cache directory instead of media directory "0" - Change: Updated bundled TinyMCE WYSIWYG Editor to version 4.5.6 - Change: Updated bundled Mobile Detect library to version 2.8.25 - Change: Updated bundled Lightbox2 JavaScript library to version 2.9.0 - Change: Updated bundled Smarty template library to version 3.1.31 - Bug Fix: "required" message showing instead of "recommended" for some modules in the Info tab Version 6.0.7: - New: Support for "hidden" form field type in Form Designer - Change: footer removed from Installer as it could cover up form fields on small screens - Change: Forms missing "submit_value" key will now show default "save" for form submit button - Bug Fix: Rare chance an item could be updated with a profile_id set to 0 - Bug Fix: Some templates with embedded Javascript may not work correctly coming from cache Version 6.0.6: - Change: debug() updated to accept variable parameters the same as fdebug() - Change: database table type is now validated if Repair Modules is checked during Integrity Check - Bug Fix: Passwords with backslash as last character not written correctly to config.php on install - Bug Fix: "use_total_row_count" jrCore_db_search_items() parameter ignored if using simplepagebreak - Bug Fix: Resetting a queue entry may not decrement in progress worker count Version 6.0.5: - New: Queue performance improvements for very busy systems with deep queues - New: "Empty Queue" button in Queue Viewer to quickly delete all queue entries in a queue - New: "placeholder" support added to custom textarea form fields in Form Designer - Bug Fix: Latency value in Queue Viewer could be incorrect for mixed working and sleeping queues - Bug Fix: Template name in template compare could be wrong when comparing a skin and module template - Bug Fix: Added missing language strings for some form validation fields - Bug Fix: Admin users getting email notifications for Timeline entries linked to pending items Version 6.0.4: - New: Template Compare tool updated to allow comparing skin override templates to module version - Bug Fix: List ordering by _created may be incorrect if "Use Optimized Ordering" is unchecked - Bug Fix: "view_results" event trigger was not being fired in jrCore_notice_page() on exit - Bug Fix: Compiled "error_notice.tpl" not saved to active skin cache directory in some instances Version 6.0.3: - New: "Reset Caches" checkbox option on Integrity Check to reset database and template cache - Change: Europe/Istanbul changed to Europe/Helsinki for UTC +2 in timezone selection - Change: "Reset" queue entry button is now active for sleeping queue entries - Bug Fix: Resetting template cache could interrupt an upload in progress - Bug Fix: DataStore browser searches for explicit % (percent sign) not working - Bug Fix: Emoji characters not showing in some HTML emails - Bug Fix: Queue entries not working on dedicated Queue Server if missing worker modules - Bug Fix: BBCode [quote] could cut off last word of sentence before quoted portion - Bug Fix: BBCode replacement codes could show in HTML transactional emails - Bug Fix: Fixed maintenance.tpl CSS so login link shows on all skins Version 6.0.2: - Change: Used memory is now formatted for easier reading when using fdebug() - Change: repair.php.html is now copied to root directory when Core is updated in Marketplace - Change: hardcoded "length" error messages in form validation moved to Language strings - Bug Fix: "dotted" and "dotless" i no longer stripped when creating a title URL - Bug Fix: Some GMT dates formatted with jrCore_date_format could be off by 1 hour - Bug Fix: Emoji characters were being replaced with placeholders in some HTML emails Version 6.0.1: - Change: Process timeout value for Integrity Check increased for larger systems - Bug Fix: HTML email detection for some modules may not work correctly - Bug Fix: Some characters could show as HTML entities in email subject - Bug Fix: Installer for Premium Packages failing for users with existing account Version 6.0.0: - New: "Reset Form Sessions" option has been added to the Reset Caches tool - Bug Fix: Time selection in Date/Time field could be off when modifying an item Version 6.0.0b8: - New: Pending Items are validated during an Integrity Check if "Repair Modules" is checked - New: Pending Items show small "lock" icon to admins and profile owner to show state of item - New: Approved Pending Item emails not being sent to item owners - Bug Fix: Less than signs ( Skins section could return module config options - Bug Fix: Email sent to addresses not attached to a user account may format weird - Bug Fix: "Delete Module" checkbox showing on modules that had not been installed - Bug Fix: Errors in custom templates may not be caught when saving in Template Editor Version 6.0.0b4: - New: "verify_skin" event that is fired during Integrity Check and when a skin is activated - New: "minute_maintenance" event fired once a minute on the first request in the new minute - New: "Low Priority" email delivery Queue for large sends of email to multiple recipients - New: Activity Log email plugin logs email to Activity Log instead of sending for debugging purposes - New: Offline repair script (repair.php.html) updated to run full integrity check - Change: Info tab for a module now shows all modules (if any) that require it to function - Change: If HTML transactional email is enabled, URLs are automatically hyperlinked before sending - Change: Updated Maintenance Mode now shows a splash page with customizable background - Change: Default Data Browser changed to User Accounts from User Profiles - Bug Fix: Unable to reset password if site is in maintenance mode Version 6.0.0b3: - New: jrCore_is_developer_mode() function added - Change: "Daylight Savings" Date and Time config removed and replaced with UTC Time Zone option - Bug Fix: Setting skip_triggers to FALSE in jrCore_db_search_items params was skipping triggers - Bug Fix: Possible double Location header in jrCore_location() Version 6.0.0b2: - New: "Daylight Savings" Date and Time config option to enable or disable automatic DLS adjustment - Bug Fix: Multiple file uploads for different fields on same form may number incorrectly - Bug Fix: Emoji replacement string could appear in non-HTML transaction emails - Bug Fix: jrCore_format_string called on the exact same text multiple times may not work - Bug Fix: Item deletion bypassing recycle bin if done during daily maintenance - Bug Fix: @profile tags not being hyperlinked in some cases when using the WYSIWYG editor - Bug Fix: "a string with more than 1 word" field validation type now working correctly Version 6.0.0b1: - New: jrCore_is_datastore_module() and jrCore_is_media_module() functions added - New: A module can now include a "recommended" key for other modules in the meta function - New: New "error_notice.tpl" template to allow customization of jrCore_notice() errors - New: jrCore_db_get_multiple_items() now caches results by default (use $skip_caching) - New: jrCore_get_option_image() now supports "notice" and "warning" - New: Server side BBCode Code parser that is faster, simpler and safer than CodeMirror - New: Skins can now have categories for grouping in the ACP Skin menu - New: [s] strikethrough bbcode plugin added - Change: BBCode plugins have been moved to the Core from the Profile Forum module - Change: Cache performance updates to improve cache access and deletion on large systems - Change: Low Level DataStore schema changes to improve performance on large sites - Change: Delete Skin and Delete Module option is now a header button in the info page - Change: Skins in ACP skin list are now listed in alphabetical order - Change: Module and Skin Info pages updated with new layout - Change: Section header in Global Config no longer shows if it is the only one on the page - Change: Modules missing an icon will now show a default icon (default_module_icon.png) - Change: Skins missing an icon will now show a default icon (default_skin_icon.png) - Change: Old form session and play key cleanup moved to Hourly Maintenance event - Change: Removed DataStore active cache functionality - moved to future, separate module - Change: bundled TinyMCE WYSIWYG Editor updated to version 4.4.1 - Change: Lightbox will now "wrap" to the beginning when at the end of a group of images - Change: [code] blocks are now checked for balanced opening and closing tags - Change: Uploaded Custom Images now default to being active - Bug Fix: {jrCore_image} may not use correct URL for skin or ACP enable image override - Bug Fix: Approving/Deleting pending item may not remove associated pending jrAction entry - Bug Fix: jrCore_hilight_string could highlight matching HTML substrings - Bug Fix: Some SQL Queries generated by jrCore_list could cause an SQL error - Bug Fix: It was possible to change a module URL to an existing module URL - Bug Fix: Multiple uploads of very small files very quickly could result in wrong upload count - Bug Fix: Items created with text that has a lot of emoji characters could cause SQL error Version 5.4.0b4: - Change: DataStore optimizations for privacy checking and when searching profile_ids - Change: Approving, Deleting or Rejecting a pending item now refreshes to active pending list - Bug Fix: SQL Error with multiple DataStore order_by conditions which include reserved keys - Bug Fix: Slow Query logging may not always include query time for COUNT queries - Bug Fix: Multiple pending item rejections could result in "invalid pending_id" error Version 5.4.0b3: - Change: jrCore_json_response() now triggers "process_exit" event - Change: IP Address lookup changed to use new Whois tool from User module 1.8.7+ - Change: Moved process_exit functionality to new function and out of router.php - Change: {jrCore_upload_button} now generates better unique upload tokens - Bug Fix: jrCore_load_url() cURL options error if running PHP version older than 5.5.0 Version 5.4.0b2: - New: DataStore Active Cache functionality to pre-run expensive DS queries on large systems - New: "Enable Active Cache" global config setting to enable new DataStore Active Cache - New: The jrCore_date_birthday_format variable modifier now accepts a date format - Bug Fix: Multiple uploads using jrCore_upload_button may not always work correctly Version 5.4.0b1: - New: Anchor button added in the HTML Editor - New: Datastore event triggers "db_increment_key" and "db_decrement_key" added - New: Ability to set Queue Worker Priority in jrCore_register_queue_worker() - New: {jrCore_icon} accepts a "color" parameter in RRGGBB format for colorized sprite icons - Change: default "generator" meta tag that showed Jamroom version and skins has been removed - Change: Updated bundled PEAR Tar library to version 1.4.2 - Change: "no media found for player" error removed from output if no media found - Change: Module icons no longer shown in module form and tool headers by default - Bug Fix: Profile owners of Shared profiles may not be able to stream their own media - Bug Fix: 404 Not Found page could send out incorrect Content-Length header - Bug Fix: Symbolic links not being preserved correctly when creating a TAR Archive - Bug Fix: Queue Workers named the same from different modules may not work correctly - Bug Fix: Multiple approval of pending items system fails if only one item is selected - Bug Fix: Modules with the same module_name may not show correctly in ACP - Bug Fix: jrCore_load_url() POST params that start with @ being treated as file uploads Version 5.3.6: - New: Deleted time added to Recycle Bin listing - New: Image Editing options now available for images when using the WYSIWYG editor - Change: ALLOW_ALL_DOMAINS in Global Config Allowed Domains no longer requires referrer - Change: bundled TinyMCE WYSIWYG Editor updated to version 4.3.12 - Change: remove formatting button added to the editor - Bug Fix: Some items may return old cached version of the item after an item update - Bug Fix: Free memory in dashboard is incorrect when running on Ubuntu 16.04 - Bug Fix: jrCore_db_get_items_missing_key() could return _item_id 0 - Bug Fix: emoji characters in an email subject showing emoji replacement code - Bug Fix: Possible SQL error when passing invalid id's to jrCore_db_get_multiple_items() - Bug Fix: Cancel URL for profile forms could point to incorrect active profile - Bug Fix: Embedded profile_id in some profile forms could be incorrect - Bug Fix: Uploaded files not cleared when upload form page is refreshed - Bug Fix: Removed z-index from lightbox.css .lb-nav - causing issues with fixed headers and menus Version 5.3.5: - New: "db_verify_table" event fired when creating/updating a DB table - Change: Expired cache cleanup moved to hourly maintenance for better performance on large systems - Change: Better support in the WYSIWYG editor for pasting HTML and having it work correctly - Bug Fix: emoji check function was triggering warnings to error_log from util.php - Bug Fix: Possible PHP warnings with developer mode enabled for preg_match_all() in util.php - Bug Fix: Modifying form_submit.tpl and moving the spinner image was breaking the form submit - Bug Fix: Some custom form fields with values over 512 bytes may not show all contents - Bug Fix: Style changes from the search tab in the style editor could change wrong CSS elements - Bug Fix: Domain validation failing on some sub domains (i.e. - Bug Fix: Changing label name in User Menu Entry was not working correctly - Bug Fix: "notice" form type could be set to "required" in Form Designer causing an error Version 5.3.4: - New: "email_prepare" event trigger that is fired before each batch of queued emails is sent - New: Sleeping queue entries in Queue Viewer now show how much longer they are sleeping for - New: Enhanced search in "Skin Style" now searches for Selectors, Rules and Values - New: "array" checktype plugin to test for a value being an array - Change: Browser spellchecker activated by default in editor - Change: bundled TinyMCE WYSIWYG Editor updated to version 4.3.8 - Change: DataStore optimizations to improve query time for very large result sets - Bug Fix: Result ordering from a module index search could duplicate results across pages - Bug Fix: Item Display Order may not order correctly when used in a Seamless list - Bug Fix: Bad caching of timezone data was making some event timestamps incorrect - Bug Fix: Breaks being added inside tables when created in the WYSIWYG editor - Bug Fix: Emptying recycle bin may not remove all attached media files - Bug Fix: Editor form fields were not being tested for banned words correctly Version 5.3.3: - New: Added tabindex plugin to TinyMCE so pressing tab will now activate the editor - New: "email_sent" event trigger that is fired after a batch of queued emails is sent - Change: Pending items now show their title (if available) and not their link - Change: Pending items now link to their update form and not the detail page - Bug Fix: Admin created items missing "pending" flag which could prevent some listings - Bug Fix: Quota check for user menu items not checking user "home profile" values - Bug Fix: Very wide images uploaded to the IMAGES tab cause the content to be hidden - Bug Fix: menu_onclick value was displaying invalid html when used - Bug Fix: Pending item view tabs were showing all pending items, not just the selected one - Bug Fix: URL error in the pending user search form fixed - Bug Fix: Emoji in a Profile Name not showing correctly in Page Title used on profile pages - Bug Fix: Emoji characters in DS data not being written to CSV export file correctly - Bug Fix: Emoji characters in cached items may not insert correctly - Bug Fix: CSV DataStore file export generation taking longer than 30 seconds may fail - Bug Fix: Timestamps may not adjust correctly for Daylight Saving Time - Bug Fix: Cancel button in Form Designer not taking you back to actual form - Bug Fix: Profile and User images for "shared" profiles may not show to the profile owner Version 5.3.2: - Change: HTTP request method added to fdebug() logging - Bug Fix: Quota limit not being properly checked if enabled in jrCore_db_create_item() Version 5.3.1: - New: unicode database functions to provide support for emoji characters in text fields - Bug Fix: Quota Config not redirecting back to correct tab when an error is encountered Version 5.3.0: - Change: Europe/Minsk changed to Europe/Istanbul for UTC +2 in timezone selection - Bug Fix: modifying admin_menu.css in Style Editor could cause the ACP menu to disappear - Bug Fix: jrCore_clean_html() stripping initial script tag if multiple script tags found - Bug Fix: Possible SQL error when updating global config - Bug Fix: "Incorrect String Value" SQL error when inserting text that contains emoji - Bug Fix: Deleting a pending datastore item was not removing it from the pending table Version 5.3.0b10: - Bug Fix: Saving Global Config for non-active skin not saving changes correctly - Bug Fix: Some uploaded files with single quotes in the file name may fail - Bug Fix: module override templates for disabled modules in active skin still showing - Bug Fix: Searches in page search containing a forward slash resulting in 404 not found - Bug Fix: Tinymce strips out script tags even if allowed in Quota Config Version 5.3.0b9: - New: "dashboard_tabs" Core event to allow modules to add their own tab to the Dashboard - New: "Repair Module" integrity check option for modules to provide additional DB checks - Change: "Pending Users" and "Pending Items" consolidated in new "Pending" tab in dashboard - Change: bundled TinyMCE WYSIWYG Editor updated to version 4.3.2 - Change: "Clear Cache" option removed from Integrity Check - Change: "Tours" tab will now always show as the last tab in ACP tab bar - Bug Fix: "Allow All HTML" setting may show different HTML to visitor versus logged in - Bug Fix: DataStore queries with multiple group_by parameters not working correctly on MySQL 5.7 - Bug Fix: Some errors when saving Global Config may not refresh back to right section - Bug Fix: Some date stamps could be off by the offset as set in the Date and Time settings - Bug Fix: Item List Widget "does not contain" search option being saved as "contains" - Bug Fix: Item List Widget inserting multiple % signs for like value in Template Code - Bug Fix: Uploaded files with ( or ) in the file name returning with invalid file extension Version 5.3.0b8: - New: You can now use % on key names in OR conditional searches using jrCore_list - Change: improved schema update handling for module database tables - Bug Fix: Unable to use style or class on "hr" HTML tag if allowed in HTML tags - Bug Fix: select_and_text select not showing all items if profile has more than 250 items - Bug Fix: "align" attribute being stripped from some Allowed HTML elements - Bug Fix: Possible "invalid location redirect" error when using Custom Domains module - Bug Fix: Gradient background on HD sprite icons may not show correctly - Bug Fix: Convert @ Tags may not work correctly in text entered in the Editor Version 5.3.0b7: - New: "View Changes" tab in Skin Style editor to see all customized CSS on one page - New: "hourly_maintenance" event for listeners that need hourly notification - Change: Form Notices now only show on the form they were submitted from - Change: Custom templates in the "Templates" ACP tab can now be larger than 64kb - Bug Fix: Date and Time stamps may not be adjusting to timezone offset - Bug Fix: Custom image replacements not working correctly for modules in "Images" tab Version 5.3.0b6: - New: "Reset This View" button in Form Designer to reset the selected view to the default - Change: tools/diff binary removed - no longer being used in Template Compare - Change: templates/page_divider.tpl updated to make it easier to style with CSS - Bug Fix: WYSIWYG plugins registered by modules not showing when editor used in template Version 5.3.0b5: - New: "Reset Skin Style" button in style editor to reset all custom CSS for a skin - Bug Fix: Some DataStore queries with order_by on key not being searched could "hang" Version 5.3.0b4: - New: "simplepagebreak" parameter for jrCore_list to enable Optimized Pager on individual lists - New: "slow_query_time" parameter for jrCore_list to log slow queries for individual lists - Change: "_item_id" included if not specified in return_keys parameter to jrCore_db_search_items() - Change: Module specific Tools now show first in the "Tools" view for a module - Bug Fix: "hr" button not showing in WYSIWYG editor even if hr HTML tag is added to Allowed Tags - Bug Fix: order_by on list where not all items in DS have the order_by key may not order correctly - Bug Fix: Profile Privacy set to be Visible in Search not working correctly on Profile lists Version 5.3.0b3: - Change: Page Jumper now uses skin select form element style - Bug Fix: Queue names that were the same but for different modules were being grouped together - Bug Fix: Page Jumper not showing in Data Browser if "Optimized Pager" checked in some cases - Bug Fix: "script" tag not being allowed even if configured correctly in Allowed Tags Version 5.3.0b2: - Bug Fix: Correct template may not be selected in Template Compare tool when changing templates - Bug Fix: "Change Update Field" showing on Create Form Designer even if not linked to update form - Bug Fix: Integrity Check could "hang" on System Core Version 5.3.0b1: - New: "Recycle Bin" Dashboard tool for browsing and restoring deleted items in the Recycle Bin - New: "Enable Recycle Bin" Global Config to enable the system-wide Recycle Bin - New: "Delete After" Global Config setting to set Recycle Bin retention length - New: "Show Bots" button in User Online Dashboard section to show bots accessing site - New: CSS icon sprites updated to support High Resolution / Retina displays - New: Updated Queue Viewer with ability to view and manage individual queues and workers - New: "template_list" event triggered with parameters when {jrCore_list} is called in a template - New: Improved HTML formatting and detection to prevent malformed HTML from editor posts - New: "date_birthday" form field for use in the Form Designer to get dates in YYYYMMDD format - New: "date_birthday" CheckType added to validate values entered in date_birthday fields - Change: Template Editor now edits file in full width ACP (admin menu does not show) - Change: "Activity Logs" and "Queue Viewer" tools moved to Dashboard - Change: bundled Smarty upgraded to version 3.1.27 - Change: bundled TinyMCE WYSIWYG Editor updated to version 4.2.7 - Change: bundled HTML Purifier updated to version 4.7.0 - Change: "temp value" functions now enforce uniqueness on module and key - Change: Disabled modules now appear at the bottom of the category list in the ACP - Change: Integrity Check now validates all module DB Schemas first - Change: jrCore_db_get_all_key_values() no longer accepts $limit as 3rd parameter - Change: Form Designer now validates the default value for Select fields is a valid option - Bug Fix: New Item could be added to Pending even if user is admin - Bug Fix: Multiple jrCore_format_string modifier calls on same template variable could corrupt output - Bug Fix: Replacing custom images on "images" tab for modules and skins not working correctly - Bug Fix: duplicate file keys showing in Item List widget for search and order by - Bug Fix: "Images" tab could show in ACP for modules even if no images were present - Bug Fix: Time in DateTime form fields could be off by 1 hour for some timezones when modified - Bug Fix: jrCore_db_get_all_key_values() not working correctly with multi-index DS keys - Bug Fix: Profile names only a single character long forwarded to the index page Version 5.2.41: - Bug Fix: DataStore performance regression on large systems introduced in version 5.2.40 Version 5.2.40: - New: "admin_tabs" and "skin_tabs" event triggers fired when Tabs are created for modules and skins - Change: numerical_asc and numerical_desc order by optimizations - Bug Fix: "order_by" numerical_asc or numerical_desc without search not returning correct result - Bug Fix: "next page" and page jumper issues when using Optimized Pager is enabled - Bug Fix: CSS Minifier not handling all * selectors correctly - Bug Fix: Core module and settings cache not being saved correctly resulting in multiple DB queries Version 5.2.39: - New: Global Config "section" tabs to better organize a module's Global Config settings - New: "Use Optimized Pager" Global Config setting to help larger system DataStore performance - New: "Use Optimized Ordering" Global Config setting to help larger system DataStore performance - New: Activity Log debug window now includes a close button in the header - Change: jrCore_db_search_items() optimizations for !=, not_like and not_in search conditions - Change: Updated bundled Mobile Detect library to version 2.8.17 - Bug Fix: JSON checktype would see boolean and PHP array attributes as being valid JSON - Bug Fix: jrCore_db_search_items() using pagination with no results running query twice - Bug Fix: jrCore_load_url() may not properly encode URL query string on a GET request Version 5.2.38: - New: "Allow ALL HTML Tags" Quota setting to allow All HTML tags for a quota - New: Font Size selector when using HTML Editor - Change: Updated bundled TinyMCE editor to version 4.2.3 - Bug Fix: Pagination next page button could show even when there are no further results - Bug Fix: Inactive modules shown as options in selection lists - Bug Fix: Profile URLs could contain an underscore which could result in an error Version 5.2.37: - New: Support for new HTML 5 elements added to "Allowed HTML Tags" Core quota setting - New: Total profile count added to the results of the jrCore_stats Smarty call - Bug Fix: Form Tokens may not be unique with multiple logins in same browser Version 5.2.36: - New: Item List widget has been updated to show Smarty Template code of created lists - New: template function to allow file uploads for items: {jrCore_upload_button} - New: template function to display files attached to an item: {jrCore_get_uploaded_files} - Change: Sections in [code] blocks are not limited by the quota's allowed_html - Bug Fix: Adding a table via the editor caused too many extra linebreaks to be added - Bug Fix: Adding a custom page menu item to the User Menu was not including the Page ID - Bug Fix: valid domains with double dots not passing domain name validation, eg: Version 5.2.35: - Change: Check if lightbox is already loaded before trying to load it again - Bug Fix: "domain" checktype validation allowing domains without TLD - Bug Fix: "domain" checktype validation failing on generic TLDs - Bug Fix: jrCore_load_multiple_urls() was using port 80 for https connections - Bug Fix: File type image may not show in file upload form field for non-standard files - Bug Fix: Unrelated error messages appearing in activity log debug info if activity log is emptied - Bug Fix: Possible "Query Error: value too long" error in Performance Check Version 5.2.34: - New: jrCore_list now works with the return_item_id_only jrCore_db_search_items parameter - New: "Log 404 Not Found" Global Config option to log 404 errors to Activity Log - Change: skin_template event can now over-ride the default skin template. - Change: jrCore_url_string() now allows _ character through without conversion to - - Bug Fix: "Pending" notice may show at all times to non-admin users - Bug Fix: Graph buttons only show on dashboard if Graph module is active Version 5.2.33: - New: Template Compare tool updated to ignore white space changes - Change: Invalid "order_by" message in Activity Log only shows in Developer Mode - Bug Fix: Fixed a regression from 5.3.32 where "allowed_html" validation was failing Version 5.2.32: - New: mergely added to the modify button to compare differences - New: "live_search" field type added for use in Form Designer - New: jrCore_db_search_items() logs a MAJ Activity Log on invalid order_by condition - Bug Fix: "printable" checktype form field validation could allow HTML - Bug Fix: list_pager not showing the current active page in the select list. - Bug Fix: Item List widget not showing _item_id available as a Search option Version 5.2.31: - New: Notice shows on create form to indicate item will be pending if pending enabled - Change: Customizing a CSS rule only overrides the rule changed, not the entire class or id - Bug Fix: Timeline entries for pending items showing before item approval - Bug Fix: Template Editor syntax check not working correctly if site in maintenance mode Version 5.2.30: - New: jrCore_db_get_unique_keys() DataStore function - New: jrCore_page_custom() now supports "help" as 4th function parameter - New: "allow_all_formatters" flag for jrCore_format_string template variable modifier - New: CSV Export button to export DataStore in CSV format in Data Browser - Bug Fix: saving multiple files from forms may not put in proper order in DS - Bug Fix: items created with attached media item may have pending flag reset - Bug Fix: uploaded images to the IMAGES tab don't show in the custom column. Version 5.2.29: - New: fdebug option for jrCore_db_search_items now includes original pre-trigger parameters - New: HTML is allowed in the Options text for "notice" custom form fields - New: Language ID for custom form fields now shows in Help drop down in form designer - Change: "module" or "option" when passed as a URL parameter will be removed from $_post - Change: error_log and debug_log files over 3 days old are removed during daily maintenance - Change: "Skin Menu Editor" changed to "User Menu Editor" to better describe what it does - Bug Fix: Deleting skin could delete other skins with same skin name as prefix Version 5.2.28: - New: "notice" field type has been added to Form Designer for creating for notices - New: TinyMCE editor now includes Font Family selector + preview buttons - Change: Updated bundled Lightbox to version 2.7.1 - Change: Updated bundled jQuery to version 1.11.2 - Change: Updated bundled TinyMCE editor to version 4.1.9 - Bug Fix: Additional Images uploaded to modules IMAGE tab not displaying correctly. - Bug Fix: Existing image in "file" form field type may show cached version on update - Bug Fix: Better detection of AJAX requests in jrCore_is_ajax_request() - Bug Fix: Added hardcoded language strings in Set Item Order to language file - Bug Fix: Default date being added when no date is entered Version 5.2.27: - New: {jrCore_get_media_url} function to get URL to system media directory - New: Support for FULLTEXT indexes added to table support for MyISAM table types - New: Core support added for new Profile privacy option (Followers Only + search) - Bug Fix: "empty" skin templates could result in "Unable to write to template cache" error - Bug Fix: Multiple messages display when module is de-activated - Bug Fix: Some https: URLs not being made clickable even if Quota option enabled - Bug Fix: Some @ tags for profile links were not being made clickable - Change: Unused jquery.lightbox.min.js and jrCore/img/lightbox-*.gif images removed - Change: Adjustments in performance check to better account for multiple CPU servers Version 5.2.26: - New: "size" parameter accepted for jrCore_item_[create|delete|update]_button template function - New: "parsed_template" event fired with the content of a parsed template - New: create_action, update_action and delete_action parameter support for jrCore_item_index_buttons - Bug Fix: When uploading multiple files at once some files may not be saved properly Version 5.2.25: - New: 2 new DS functions: jrCore_db_item_key_exists() and jrCore_db_get_all_key_values() - New: Active Media System Global Config for (coming soon) offsite media storage - Change: module cannot be deactivated if other active modules "require" the module - Change: list_pager.tpl updated to show page jumper even if less than 3 pages - Change: New Form Designer fields checked against existing DS Keys to ensure they are unique - Bug Fix: jrCore_db_search_items() group_by not working if key name contains "_item_id" - Bug Fix: jrCore_db_search_items() "return_count" mixed with "group_by" not working right - Bug Fix: Audio bit rate not being detected properly on some FLAC files - Bug Fix: Custom images in Skin Images tab showing "module" instead of "skin" in embed code - Bug Fix: Sprite icons could be corrupted if corrupt PNG icon image was included Version 5.2.24: - Bug Fix: Version 5.2.23 Schema error that could prevent the system from installing - Bug Fix: Compare Templates not working correctly on Cloned Skins Version 5.2.23: - New: title tag now allowed on html code coming in from the editor - New: PUT and DELETE support as methods in jrCore_load_url() - Change: Template Compare tool drop down now contains module files of the same name - Change: Triggered Events could sometimes be run for disabled modules - Bug Fix: "Reset" button showing in Style editor on selectors that were not changed - Bug Fix: Extra line break in list created in the editors - Bug Fix: ACP search from the skins tab could return no result found - Bug Fix: Language appearing as the default tab for some modules even though Quota Config exists - Bug Fix: Play Counter may not count play on newer versions of Firefox - Bug Fix: "Invalid Play URL" error could come up when playing audio on some versions of Opera Version 5.2.22: - New: "View Keys" button in User/Profile browser to view raw DataStore key/values - New: Multiple file attachments will now show all attachments in "update" forms - New: Queue worker can return "EXIT" to force exit of worker even if queues left - Change: Performance Check optimized to be a little more consistent across runs - Change: Custom module URL can now contain a dash (-) - Change: Template Compare tool drop down select list now ordered by version number - Bug Fix: Email Throttling not working properly if no requests kick off exit listener - Bug Fix: Embed code with "flashvars" param not embedding even with object,embed,param allowed - Bug Fix: 404 Not Found missing page title Version 5.2.21: - New: "Optimize Tables" option added to Integrity Check tool - New: Share your Performance Test results tool to submit your results to the Network - Change: Additional fixes for "extra" spacing showing in TinyMCE editor output - Change: HTML "alt" tag change to "title" tag on index, list, and item detail buttons - Change: Removed Content-Encoding header from response - Change: "Font Size" updated to support all pixel sizes from 8px to 96px - Bug Fix: Dashboard total RAM size could be incorrect when running on Mac OS X (10.9+) - Bug Fix: Some items not being deleted properly when a skin is deleted - Bug Fix: "line-height" had incorrect pixel values in Style Editor Version 5.2.20: - New: Template Compare tool updated with ability to merge template changes line by line - Change: Additional spacing between paragraphs in TinyMCE editor output removed - Bug Fix: Saving changes in "Untagged" Style editor section refreshing to wrong tab - Bug Fix: "Reset" button could show on style elements that had not been modified - Bug Fix: Selector Search not working properly in tabs outside of "Color and Font" - Bug Fix: Form Fields with the form_designer flag set to FALSE not always ordering correctly Version 5.2.19: - Bug Fix: Possible CRI SQL error on install could keep system from installing - Change: Updates to Performance Check tool to add performance history Version 5.2.18 - New: "Performance Check" tool avialable in System Check screen to test server performance - Change: $_data object in html_purifier event listener is no longer "finalized" - Change: jrCore_copy_dir_recursive() updated to support better variable replacement - Change: Updated bundled Mobile Detect library to version 2.8.11 - Change: jrCore_is_tablet_device() now returns TRUE if device is a tablet OR mobile device - Change: Updated bundled jPlayer to version 2.9.2: - Bug Fix: Deleting module or skin from info screen may not remove all release directories - Bug Fix: Allowed Domains not properly stripping www. before domain check Version 5.2.17: - New: Style Editor updated with new tabs and search features - New: {jrCore_include} now accepts a "skin" parameter for loading template from alternate skin - Change: {jrCore_media_player} updated to not force Firefox to the flash first solution for audio - Change: Updated bundled jPlayer to version 2.9.1: - Bug Fix: jrCore_list with order_by _created not always working correctly - Bug Fix: jrCore_list pager param set to "false" causing pager to show. - Bug Fix: User's active profile_id may not be set correctly on "update" form view Version 5.2.16: - New: modules can include their own sprite icons in img/icons_(black|white) - Change: ordering by _created no longer maps to ordering by _item_id - Change: Form Designer field ordering updated to be more consistent - Bug Fix: Form Designer could get "stuck" turned on for a specific form - Bug Fix: Cache key used in {jrCore_list} could be incorrect based on listeners Version 5.2.15: - New: "disable_override" parameter for {jrCore_include} disables skin template override - New: added new core icons 'male' and 'globe' - Change: Updated bundled jPlayer to version 2.8.1 - Change: added a default page title for modules index page - Bug Fix: object/embed/param tags not working correctly even if allowed in Core Tags Version 5.2.14: - Change: Modal status updates should now be more stable on resource limited servers - Change: Updated bundled TinyMCE editor to version 4.1.6 - Bug Fix: Multiple editor fields on a single form was not working - Bug Fix: Custom image replacement for skins in the "image" tab may not save correctly Version 5.2.13: - New: Eight new Event Triggers built in to the Core queue system (see Core Info in developer mode) - New: Search location in ACP has been udpated, and now also searches module and skin names - Change: Updates and Fixes to core Queue System to make it faster and more efficient - Change: Server Check no longer shows checks for inactive modules - Change: Improvements to table support in the TinyMCE editor - background color and colspan now work - Bug Fix: "X" and "!" buttons in Activity Log were not showing correctly after 5.2.12 update - Bug Fix: "All Events" registered event listener may not fire in some instances - Bug Fix: Skin Info tab may not update to show latest skin Meta information - Bug Fix: Form Designer help for Select and Text was incorrect and has been removed - Bug Fix: Template Editor when running on SSL could return an OpenSSL error Version 5.2.12 - Change: jrCore_media_player type parameter is now optional - will use skin defined players by default - Bug Fix: Checktype plugins outside the Core may not load correctly in rare instances - Bug Fix: Profile and Item URLs with non ASCII characters and double quotes may not encode correctly - Bug Fix: Better detection of base site URL when doing a new Jamroom install Version 5.2.11: - New: Override support for module CSS and JS files (works the same as templates) - New: Ability to Pause and Resume worker queues from Queue Viewer tool - Change: Browser location changes now work with User Accounts "Force SSL" global config setting - Change: Activing a new or previously deactivated module now resets the User Language caches - Bug Fix: Possible SQL error for daily maintenance when running in Developer Mode - Bug Fix: "Radio" custom form field may return "Invalid Checktype" error when submitted - Bug Fix: jrCore_download_file() appending '1' to end of downloaded content - Bug Fix: Number of queue entries returned for active queues could be incorrect on a busy system Version 5.2.10: - New: Support added for UNIQUE option on {jrCore_list} group_by parameter - New: New "tpl_404" event trigger fired when a template is not found - Change: Updated bundled jPlayer to version 2.7.0 - Change: Updated bundled Mobile Detect to version 2.8.3 - Change: Updated bundled TinyMCE to version 4.1.5 - Bug Fix: Custom form fields not having custom lang strings copied to other languages - Bug Fix: Timeline entries stripped of HTML may cause icons to not show - Bug Fix: Chained Select fields might be split up on form display - Bug Fix: User needed Quota Permissions for an item for it to be displayed - Bug Fix: "Reset" button for CSS class/id in Style Editor was overlapping element help button - Bug Fix: checktype 'file_name' was not working correctly - Bug Fix: templates included via a template {capture} that contain a {jrCore_list} call may not work properly Version 5.2.9: - New: checktype 'file_name' to allow for strings that also contain a . (dot) - Change: Tinymce upgraded to version 4.1.3 - Change: Quota item count restriction no longer enforced when viewed by profile owner (allows for delete) - Bug Fix: Item updates by non-creating module when Item Approval set to "modify" causing item to go pending - Bug Fix: magic_quotes_gpc PHP setting is now properly handled for $_COOKIE values - Bug Fix: Custom form fields not showing if multiple quota ids are selected in form designer Version 5.2.8: - New: added profile_id option to {jrCore_get_count} to get counts for a specific profile - New: Updated installer so a marketplace account can be created at install time - Change: Invalid event trigger data array now logged only if running in Developer Mode - Bug Fix: bug fixes and improvements in Form Designer ordering of custom fields - Bug Fix: User Group restrictions for Form Designer fields may not work properly Version 5.2.7: - Bug Fix: regression bug in 5.2.6 where the active skin config may not be loaded properly Version 5.2.6: - New: "create_queue_entry" event trigger - fired when a new queue entry is created - New: jrCore_load_url() and jrCore_download_file() updated to allow a custom User Agent string - New: jrCore_get_support_dir() function for module storage that is not reset - Change: unmodified form designer fields will use field definition from module - Bug Fix: Global Config options for non-active skin may not be saved correctly Version 5.2.5: - Change: bundled Smarty upgraded to version 3.1.19 - Change: bundled Mobile Detect upgraded to version 2.8.2 - Change: contrib/pear/XML directory removed (was not used) - Bug Fix: jrCore_json_response() not sending custom headers beyond Content-Type - Bug Fix: jrCore_strip_html not stripping text values inside tags - Bug Fix: Dashboard load now shows correctly on servers using CloudLinux Virtual CPUs Verison 5.2.4: - Change: {jrCore_get_count} now returns 0 if module is not installed / inactive - Bug Fix: CSS colors not working correctly in Activity Logs -> Debug Log - Bug Fix: Date Picker drop down should position correctly in elements with position: absolute - Bug Fix: HTML inside BBCode tags in forum posts could be stripped on submit Version 5.2.3: - New: Link editor in TinyMCE allows a "Lightbox Group" to enable lightbox for anchors around images - New: image fields created in Form Designer now show small delete button on mouse over in update - Bug Fix: centering a table in the editor was not working (align attribute was being stripped) Version 5.2.2: - New: {jrCore_pending_notice} template function for use with custom item detail templates - Change: registered CSS URLs by modules moved to header from footer to speed rendering - Change: Sprite icons moved to spans from divs for HTML 5 validation - Bug Fix: Approve/Reject button for a pending item on detail page may result in invalid item_id - Bug Fix: jrCore_json_response() not setting proper application/json response header Version 5.2.1: - New: better random results for datastores with more than 25,000 entries when using a group_by - New: Lightbox view of image if an image is uploaded to a "file" field - New: "delete" option for file type form fields to allow deleting just the attached file - Bug Fix: "previous" icon_white icon was named incorrectly and would show as a down arrow Version 5.2.0: - New: Customizable Dashboard allowing custom rows, columns and individual panel functions - New: optgroup support for module select fields when options are a multidimensional array - New: jrCore_number_format() and jrCore_money_format() functions - New: Full Screen button added to editor menu - Change: old version of jQuery lightbox no longer loaded by default (jquery.lightbox.min.js) - Change: most newlines and additional comments now stripped from cached CSS when not in Developer Mode - Bug Fix: DS search param using custom sub query causes CRI SQL error when operator is not_in or not_like - Bug Fix: Modules with categories longer than 2 words showing up in "tools" Version 5.1.46: - New: TinyMCE editor now uses smilies from the jrSmiley module Version 5.1.45: - New: ALLOW_ALL_DOMAINS is checked for downloading (in addition to streaming) - New: "autocorrect" and "autocapitalize" added as allowed attributes for text input form field - Change: download_file and stream_file views now use jrCore_db_search_items() to get data - Change: Updated bundled jQuery to version 1.11.1 - Change: Improved Syntax Highlighting when using CodeMirror Version 5.1.44: - Change: Skin validation is now run when changing active skins (fix for skin uploaded via FTP) - Bug Fix: select_multiple fields saving "Array" instead of selected value(s) Version 5.1.43: - New: Skin Menu entries can now have the same Linked URL as long as the category is different - Change: Updated download function should allow large downloads to start faster and use less memory - Change: Updated bundled ZIP Classes to version 1.62 - Bug Fix: Skin Menu Editor returns a CRI error when trying to create a new entry with an existing URL Version 5.1.42: - Change: core shutdown function improvements to work better on CGI/FastCGI and PHP-FPM systems - Change: Style Editor updated with selector search and opacity support - Bug Fix: Style editor not showing proper Font Family if more than one defined for a CSS selector - Bug Fix: Min/Max form field config options in Form Designer may not save if emptied Version 5.1.41: - New: text, password, textarea, select and select_multiple form fields now accept "class" parameter - New: Tab support for skin global config to separate config into "sections" (based on field section) - Change: More DataStore optimizations for larger datasets - Bug Fix: module config.php with only hidden form fields showing blank page on Global Config - Bug Fix: OptionList form fields may fail form validation in some situations Version 5.1.40: - New: {jrCore_powered_by} Smarty template function - Change: Some additional DataStore optimizations for larger data sizes (over 25,000 DS entries) Version 5.1.39: - Bug Fix: Custom OptionList form fields may return an empty jrCore_checktype error on submission Version 5.1.38: - New: db_query_init and db_query_exit event triggers - Change: System Check will try to set correct permissions on bundled diff binary if possible - Change: Small delay added to queue pickup time to ensure queue worker loads on a new process - Bug Fix: Live Search value may not get updated properly when selecting drop down value Version 5.1.37: - New: "stream_url_error" Event fired when the media player is unable to load a media URL - New: custom form field form designer options function support for use in form designer - Change: ChainedSelect and ChainedSelectAndText custom forms moved to Chained Select module - Bug Fix: Modify Item List Button "no group restrictions" group setting not saving in some instances Version 5.1.36: - New: "return_count" parameter support added to {jrCore_list} template function - Bug Fix: ChainedSelect and ChainedSelectAndText custom forms now being handled correctly - Bug Fix: Some debug code was inadvertantly left in 2 library scripts Version 5.1.35: - Change: diff binary now included in tools to make setup easier - Change: Update bundled jPlayer to version 2.6.0 - Bug Fix: Manual entry of value in Live Search field that is not matched not being saved - Bug Fix: DS entries longer than 768 chars not being fully searched when using like/not_like Version 5.1.34: - Bug Fix: Fixed some select elements that were missing the closing select HTML tag - Bug Fix: if Followers module is disabled, private profiles may not be able to access their own items Version 5.1.33: - New: "Queue Viewer" tool for viewing active worker queue information - New: "skip_play_keys" registered module feature for excluded play key replacement on specific views - New: jrCore_delete_multiple_cache_entries() function - New: id, onclick, onmousever and onmouseout parameter support added to {jrCore_image} - Change: including a display_order DS key in the create array will now override the default DS key - Change: bundled Smarty upgraded to version 3.1.17 - Change: bundled Mobile Detect upgraded to version 2.7.9 - Bug Fix: Template Compare not working properly for module templates Version 5.1.32: - Bug Fix: More DataStore optimizations and corner cases resolved - Bug Fix: Select Multiple showing "default" value as selected after save even if unselected Version 5.1.31: - Change: page jumper updated to be faster and generate less HTML when page count gets really large - Bug Fix: tags in [code] blocks being stripped from input if HTML tags in code block were not in Allowed HTML - Bug Fix: jrCore_list calls with a group_by and a != or not_in or not_like search operator bypassing group_by Version 5.1.30: - New: HTML header tag (h1 -> h6) support added to "Allowed HTML" in HTML Purifier - New: lightbox2 support added and core updated to use it in place of the jQuery lightbox plugin - New: jrCore_db_search_items updated so != and not_in now include DS items missing the search key - New: "display_order" event fired with the item array during the display_order Magic View - New: "db_delete_keys" event for jrCore_db_delete_item_key() and jrCore_db_delete_multiple_item_keys() Version 5.1.29: - New: fdebug_only_ip(), fdebug_ignore_images() and fdebug_ignore_ajax() developer functions - Change: jrCore_get_counts template function now uses jrCore_db_search_items with triggers - Bug Fix: "random" ordering not working with _created, _updated, _item_id as key Version 5.1.28: - New: "All Users" and "Visitor" groups added to Form Designer - Bug Fix: HTML validator converting void tags to XHTML style instead of HTML5 style Version 5.1.27 - Bug Fix: Sample length audio file was not being streamed if FoxyCart module was not enabled - Bug Fix: jrCore_list calls without order_by may result in no list being returned Version 5.1.26: - Bug Fix: Javascript src cache file was being rebuilt more frequently than it should have been - Bug Fix: javascript_footer_function element being overwritten if multiple modules register for same page Version 5.1.25: - Bug Fix: CSS will now display properly for media player loaded via AJAX - Bug Fix: jrCore_db_search_items() search param for _item_id is working correctly now - Bug Fix: single group_by parameter regression in 5.1.24 Version 5.1.24: - New: "signed" Checktype plugin for validating signed (+/-) whole numbers - New: jrCore_db_search_items group_by param now accepts comma separated list of multiple group by columns - Change: bundled jQuery updated to version 1.11.0 - Change: bundled jQuery Simple Modal updated to version 1.4.4 - Change: removed -ExecCGI from default .htaccess file - Bug Fix: Schema changes to mediumtext and longtext database column types were not being picked up Version 5.1.23: - New: "html_purifier" trigger fired during HTMLPurifier Config setup to allow modules to add to config - Change: bundled HTMLPurifier updated to version 4.6.0 Version 5.1.22: - New: Group selection in Form Designer allows for multiple group selections - New: "live_search" form field can accept an array for value defining key => value - Change: "file" form field update detail style modified to better fit the form - Bug Fix: "search" was being saved as the live search value if no value is entered - Bug Fix: Developer Mode from Developer Tools module was not causing CSS an JS to be rebuilt one each access Version 5.1.21: - Change: jrCore_copy_dir_recursive() now uses str_replace instead of preg_replace Version 5.1.20: - New: "columns" layout field parameter for optionlist form field with variable column support - Bug Fix: Select and Text field pre-selected option not working on multi-bytes strings Version 5.1.19: - Bug Fix: hitting enter caused the form to submit in locations with one text field only. Version 5.1.18: - Change: Cache keys now include JR directory and active skin for better separation - Change: Config options defined in config/config.php no longer overwritten by DB settings - Bug Fix: Completely emptying an editor field may revert to previously stored content Version 5.1.17: - New: form_designer_prefix feature support to allow Form Designer to work with modules that do not have a DataStore - Change: Template Compare button will not show if diff binary cannot be executed by web user - Bug Fix: Images tab template example code was incorrect for admin uploaded images - Bug Fix: extended HTML attributes were not working select_and_text or live_search form fields - Bug Fix: Item count for profiles with number of items restricted could be cached and incorrect Version 5.1.16: - New: Template Compare functionality in template editor to compare and update custom templates to default templates - Bug Fix: CSS image url not working for overridden images Version 5.1.15: - Change: module_priority can now be changed during a module upgrade - Change: {jrCore_get_count} now uses a DS query to get counts, allowing for event listeners - Bug Fix: pagination jumper was not showing if less than a single page of results were displayed Version 5.1.14: - Change: {jrCore_image} without a title will now use the value of the alt parameter if set - Bug Fix: searching the data store browser for numeric values would return more than were actually matched - Bug Fix: Custom module category was being changed back to the default on an Integrity Check - Bug Fix: expand textarea button was showing on custom editor form fields created in the Form Designer - Bug Fix: colons are now allowed in URLs turned in to clickable URLs via jrCore_url_string() Version 5.1.13: - New: {jrCore_icon} now accepts a "class" parameter for a custom sprite icon class - Bug Fix: very long multibyte text items were not being stored correctly in the DataStore Version 5.1.12: - Change: "-Includes" removed from Options in default .htaccess file - Bug Fix: slugs created for URLs could have all characters stripped except a single dash - Bug Fix: jrCore_string_to_url() not working correctly if the URL contains a comma Version 5.1.11: - Change: Core License updated with proper module list of what is included in the Core - Bug Fix: CSS background images were not working in installer (install.php) Version 5.1.10: - New: Skin list in ACP will now show skin "title" if set in Skin meta data - New: Item Action Buttons config can select "no group" for group requirements - Bug Fix: Item Action button config may not save Group selection resulting in white screen Version 5.1.9 - New: added new event to item pending system 'approve_pending_item' - New: Item Create button available to profile owners for Item Detail pages - Change: small fix in the pending system to use different identifier for approve/reject/delete - Change: increase analyze duration on meta data for media files - Bug Fix: CSS values marked as !important now work properly in the CSS editor - Bug Fix: CSS ID selectors can now be reset to default properly in the CSS editor Version 5.1.8: - Bug Fix: Disable Module option not showing if dependent module had been removed from system - Bug Fix: ALLOW_ALL_DOMAINS in Allowed Domains might not disable key check and prevent streaming Version 5.1.7: - New: handling of module CSS to allow CSS images to be overridden by custom uploaded images - New: Number of items per page selector in page footer section for ACP listings - Change: Update bundled Mobile_Detect to version 2.7.6 - Bug Fix: check for Developer Mode and disable DB caching was not working properly - Bug Fix: CSS files that were already minimized were not working correctly Version 5.1.6: - New: module and settings loader updated as some MySQL versions were not ordering correctly - New: download/stream views now send proper 404 headers when media item is not found - New: jrCore_db_get_item_by_key() now accepts skip_trigger and skip_caching parameters like jrCore_db_get_item() - Change: Admin Users updating an item will skip the pending check if pending items are enforced by the quota - Bug Fix: ALLOW_ALL_DOMAINS value for Allowed Domains global config was not working properly - Bug Fix: some media titles were not working correctly in jrCore_media_player calls Version 5.1.5: - New: "Item Detail Buttons" feature that allows master admins to control item buttons for modules - Change: "sublabel" text field for new designer form fields now defaults to being empty - Change: Registered module Text Formatters are now enabled by default in quotas on module install - Change: default value for Cache Seconds is now 300 instead of 30 - Bug Fix: "Clickable URLs" text formatter could break BBCode [url] tags depending on module load order - Bug Fix: Designer form fields in forms with module added fields may not order correctly - Bug Fix: Rare "Duplicate Key" SQL error when creating a new profile item has been fixed Version 5.1.4: - New: Custom Skin image uploads now show template embed code to use in templates - Bug Fix: Javascript page elements may not be set on profile.php form views - Bug Fix: repair.php.html script was bombing with error if marketplace items installed - Bug Fix: unable to delete inactive module that has unmet dependencies Version 5.1.3: - New: "Errors Only" button in the Activity Log - New: "log_message" jrCore trigger event that is fired when a message is added to the Activity Log - New: skin menu items can define menu entries to require a value from the users Home Profile quota - New: "src_only" parameter for {jrCore_image} template function - returns only src URL for image instead of full tag - Change: Skin Menu entries are no longer cached for logged in users - Bug Fix: The "live_search" form field type now accepts "value" and "default" parameters - Bug Fix: multi profile users could change active profiles while creating an item and have the item be saved to the wrong profile - Bug Fix: item_id in db_delete_item event was not correct for jrUser/jrProfile deletes Version 5.1.2: - New: "cache_seconds" jrCore_db_search_items parameter support - Bug Fix: Smarty "default" variable modifier was not always replacing empty vars ("home" page title should now work) - Bug Fix: "sections" in module forms using the form designer were not always ordered correctly Version 5.1.1: - New: Template processor uses unique app_dir prefix so change of JR directory does not use old templates - Bug Fix: "target" attribute for anchor tags was being stripped Version 5.1.0: - New OR ability for DataStore searches - i.e. "user_name like %brian% || user_name like %brad%" - New user counts for modules using a DataStore (i.e. user_jrComment_item_count, user_jrRating_item_count, etc.) - New Item Detail Features tool (System Core -> Tools) and support - Module requires can now define a minimum required version number via ModuleDir:ModuleVersion - New jrCore_get_advanced_setting() for checking for advanced settings set in config/config.php - New jrCore_format_string modifier functionality + "Text Formatters" tool - New jrCore_db_delete_multiple_item_keys() DataStore function - New Cache Reset checkbox added to Integrity Check - New repair.php.html script for repairing JR Database tables offline - Bug Fix: The ACP could revert to the Elastic skin temporarily when a new module was loaded - Bug Fix: cache keys sometimes would not line up on set/delete - Bug Fix: JS elements added by modules were not being added to profile index views or skin template overrides - Bug Fix: Skin Menu entry re-ordering would appear not to work - Bug Fix: jrCore_string_to_url() works properly with URL as first character of a string - Bug Fix: Custom Skin Menu entries were not showing - Bug Fix: meta/footer JS/CSS were not always being added in properly to the template - Bug Fix: modified and new functions for use with the jrChainedSelect module - Bug Fix: Memory values are now correct on Mac OS X 10.9 Mavericks - Bug Fix: Modal errors now show in update list just like updates - Update bundled TinyMCE editor to version 3.5.10 - Update bundled Mobile_Detect to version 2.7.2 - Update bundled Smarty to version 3.1.15 - Update bundled jPlayer to version 2.5.0 Version 5.0.0: - Initial Release