Elastic Skin

Elastic Skin
Category:  Skin
Version:  1.4.6
Size:  875KB
License:  MPL
Updated:  16 May 2018 09:00:44AM
Elastic Skin  Elastic Skin

This is the default Jamroom Skin. Easy to modify and works great on both desktop and mobile browsers.

Zachary Moonshine
22 Jun 2015 04:36:10PM @zachary-moonshine:
can the colors of text, buttons and background be changed on this one ?
22 Jun 2015 07:21:40PM @michael:
Yes, all skins have the STYLE tab for doing it via the "Admin Control Panel (ACP)" or you can change them via the style sheet in the skin.

If you want to do some bigger changes, a good idea is to clone the skin, give it a new name, then change that so that it becomes your skin and is not effected by updates to Elastic.

Cloning a skin can be done from the ACP via:

Zachary Moonshine
22 Jun 2015 07:36:54PM @zachary-moonshine:
can you show me an image of what it looks like the admin control panel where the colors and options are located ?
22 Jun 2015 07:50:08PM @michael:
Using firebug with the STYLE tab
Zachary Moonshine
22 Jun 2015 07:53:08PM @zachary-moonshine:
Thank you soo much man! This eases my mind!
Zachary Moonshine
22 Jun 2015 07:58:07PM @zachary-moonshine:
very good video that shows me exactly how easy this will be one less thing to worry about man.
22 Jun 2015 08:11:27PM @michael:
:) Once you find your rhythm of how you like to do things its very easy to build anything you need. One of the hardest things I had to get my mind around when learning web development is there are TONS of different ways to do the same thing, so if your expecting a RIGHT/WRONG type scenario it can be confusing to have many different all correct options.
Zachary Moonshine
22 Jun 2015 08:20:07PM @zachary-moonshine:
yeah right away after that video i added the firebug to my firefox all set man
22 Jun 2015 09:22:35PM @michael:
Nice one, that color picker thing in firebug is "firepicker" which is installable from firefox too: