Payment Support 1.0.0b9

Payment Support 1.0.0b9
Category:  Ecommerce
Version:  1.0.0b9 beta
Size:  355KB
License:  JCL
Updated:  15 Jan 2018 09:31:20AM
Payment Support 1.0.0b9 

The Payment Support module adds eCommerce capability to your Jamroom including:

- Plugin support for Stripe, PayPal and FoxyCart payment processors
- Cart support for selling items from profiles on your site
- Integrated sales tracking and reports
- Profile Payout and the ability to charge a percent of sales OR apply a per-cart fee

Payment Support is the new Jamroom module for payments going forward, and replaces the Jamroom 6.0.x and older FoxyCart eCommerce module.

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