Media Url Scanner 2.0.0b2

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Media Url Scanner 2.0.0b2
Category:  Site
Version:  2.0.0b2 beta
Size:  43KB
License:  JCL
Updated:  20 Mar 2018 07:36:17AM
Requires:  System Tools
Media Url Scanner 2.0.0b2  Media Url Scanner 2.0.0b2

The Media URL Scanner provides a Core Text Formatter that "scans" user text and replaces URLs to supported media sites with an inline, embedded player - this makes it super easy for users to share uploaded videos, images and audio with their followers in their timeline, or get their friends to decide what the best YouTube video is by using the new User Polls module.

The Media URL Scanner is super easy to use - just turn it on and URLs are converted to embedded media players automatically (the player starts out hidden, and when the user clicks on the media title the player "slides down" for viewing).

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